“No one is above the law…No one is above the law…” a phrase that has been repeated again and again by leaders in the democratic party and reinforced again and again by their supporters in the national news media. The sole purpose of this sanctimonious repetition was to smear Donald Trump and to remove him from office.  Yet, they are the ones who have been breaking the law! They are the ones who continue to break the law.                                                                                                        Perhaps they thought their cause was so “righteous” that it was okay to ignore the law to achieve their goal. Or perhaps their actions were more sinister… an organized attempt to overthrow a duly elected president. We are now learning that their illegal actions began right after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Using the intelligence agencies, the FBI, the State Department, the NSA, and the Department of Justice, the Obama Administration succeeded in removing, or emasculating key members of the incoming administration.

We now know that based on their secret, illegal investigation of the incoming administration, the FBI knew early on that there was no evidence of any Collusion with Russia by Trump, and his campaign officials. Yet the Trump haters continued with a clandestine investigation, used “evidence” that they knew was false, lied to the FISA court, withheld evidence that didn’t support their lies, and falsified evidence. These illegal actions led to the appointment of an Independent Counsel Investigation that lasted two years and cost millions of waisted dollars.                                                        After ruining several Trump supporters, these “independent”investigators, Trump haters all, grudgingly concluded that there was no collusion, but deliberately left the impression that there may have been “Obstruction”…even though the investigation was never obstructed.

When that illegally concocted Special Counsel Investigation didn’t succeed, the democrats began a time consuming, costly, and totally partisan impeachment investigation. The phony impeachment effort was based on a phone call…that was made public. The “whistleblower”who started the impeachment process was not a party to the phone call, yet he secretly presented his interpretation of the “evidence” to Adam Schiff, the biggest liar, and Trump hater in Washington. Even though the investigation failed to find a crime, the democrats decided they had to find something, anything, to justify their effort. They, without a single republican vote, ultimately decided to impeach based on interpreting the phone call to mean that the President encouraged a foreign country to “interfere with the 2020 election”.                             Of course the Senate voted to acquit the President.

Now, when a united America should be working together to defeat the greatest health threat we’ve faced in a hundred years, the democrats have organized new smear campaigns against the President. They falsely claim that he has repeatedly failed to deal with the virus. Their latest smear is that the President has “blood on his hands”, opening the economy too soon. The loyal news media is doing it’s best to repeat the smears.

The Durham investigation is wrapping up soon…we’ll see who is above the law!