Two recent polls reported that 32% of Americans believed that America was heading in the “Right Direction”, and that 37% of Americans support President Biden’s handling of the economy. These numbers are hard to believe given the destructive impact of Biden’s decisions in his first year as President.

America is in decline because the Socialists, posing as “progressives”, have convinced large numbers of good citizens that the free enterprise system is unfair. The Socialists intend to make it “fair” by overtaxing and redistributing wealth. Their goal is to change America from a freedom-based society, to a government-controlled society. Their divisive political strategy of Identity Politics has worked. They now have effective control over the Democrat Party. Socialist ideology has significant influence over the national news media, social media, the entertainment industry, teachers unions, government employees, government agencies, unions, university professors, environmental activists, abortion clinics, inner city black populations, trial lawyers, many large corporations, and a goodly number of guilt-ridden billionaires.

As a result, we have rampant inflation; a demonized energy industry; an inefficient, unmanageable government; an uncontrolled, open border with Mexico; a weakened military, focused on woke programs instead of winning wars; wasteful spending on every program; trillion dollar deficits; cancel culture; unnecessary, and punitive regulations; a divisive political environment; alienated allies; emboldened enemies; demoralized police; unchecked crime; millions of homeless, many of whom are veterans; corrupt politicians; organized racism; poorly educated students; massive federal debt; uninformed voters; a disappearing American Dream; and bankrupt entitlement programs. The Socialists are even threatening to pack the Supreme Court, create two new “states”, and oppose voter ID laws…all to obtain political power in perpetuity .

Maybe it had to get this bad before enough Americans understand the danger. It’s not too late to repair the damage caused by Socialist policies. Solutions to every problem are available, but it will require effective communication, education, and votes. Socialist ideology is an oppressive cancer which must be exposed, and removed from government power.

In order to save the greatest country on earth, we need to understand the policies and priorities that made our country great, and improve on those that aren’t working for all citizens. In order to achieve greatness, and sustain it, we must insist on freedom as the key ingredient for every policy. America can achieve any goal if we are united. Our country is now divided due to political pursuit of power. That has to change. Surely we can agree on policies that: produce economic prosperity; guarantee safe streets in every neighborhood; provide all children with a world class education; and establish fair tax rates that all citizens pay. It may take a decade to reverse the decline, but a good start can be initiated by focusing on five key priorities:

The first priority is a return to energy independence. This can be achieved in less than six months. Government needs to end its war on the fossil fuel industry with the reversal of costly and punitive regulations that were implemented by President Biden. The energy industry must be assured of government support in order to make long term investment decisions, and short term actions. This will have an immediate positive influence on a host of problems: inflation, national security, economic prosperity, and job growth. It will eliminate self-inflicted economic suicide. It will quickly reduce European dependence on Russian oil, and gas. The rush to switch energy sources away from fossil fuels, is overwhelmingly premature. It may take decades of research to identify alternatives that are competitive in terms of cost, reliability, and availability. Biden’s adoption of the insane “Green New Deal” has resulted in billions of wasteful spending, on grants, subsidies, and mandates.

The second priority is to unleash the creativity, energy, and determination that erupts when government becomes a partner with business instead of an enemy to business. This will require an end to “Class Warfare” and the “Tax the Rich” stupidity that Socialists use to gain political power. “Fair Share” tax rates should be defined for every taxpayer, and every American should pay a fair share. When every American pays fair share taxes, tax rates will be lower, and politicians will be held accountable for wasteful government spending. Economic prosperity will fund every social program, including the research and transition to competitive energy alternatives.

A third priority can be implemented immediately. Our border with Mexico is wide open to gang members, terrorists, covid-infected illegals, and drug smugglers. Hundreds of thousands of family members seeking a better life have overwhelmed the border patrol. Illegal immigrants are relocated at night to unsuspecting cities and towns across the U.S. Drug overdoses are at record highs due to rampant spread of Chinese killer drugs that pour through the border. The cost of care for these new illegals is in the billions of dollars. Meanwhile, thousands of homeless people, many of them veterans, are left unattended.

A fourth priority involves national security. Given that so many problems need immediate government attention, it is hard to understand Biden’s focus on reopening talks with Iran. His reckless efforts to reopen the Iran nuclear deal has poisoned relations with mideast allies, and gains nothing for the U.S. Iran will not, and has never allowed inspectors on it’s military bases where much nuclear activity is hidden… and has continued without interruption. This negotiation effort is a case study in stupidity. Iran won’t even meet with U.S. negotiators, and continues to proclaim, “Death to America”. Absurdly, Biden is dependent on Russia to negotiate the Iranian agreement for America. Donald Trump was impeached twice for less than this insanity!

A fifth priority is absolutely necessary to achieve economic prosperity, and gain control of mindless federal government spending. Trillion dollar deficits are now projected to continue for years. Politicians have only one solution to this problem: tax, tax, and tax some more. This will destroy economic prosperity. The federal government must make draconian reductions in spending, and eliminate thousands of regulations. When it snows in Washington DC, “non-essential”federal workers are urged to stay home. The government has no business employing non-essential workers. Therefore, these jobs must be eliminated immediately. Many agencies need to be eliminated. Federal employee unions must be outlawed. All agencies, except the defense department, must cut their budgets by an amount sufficient to cover the projected deficit. Every Agency should utilize “quality circle” teams to improve efficiency and cut costs. Private industry utilized these teams, and achieved cost reductions of 30%, while quality and efficiency improved. There is every reason to expect that government can do the same.