The fundamental reasons for creating, and designing a government based on individual freedom are summarized in the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. The justifications for the new government are outlined clearly in the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE. During its first two hundred years, America became the greatest country on earth simply because it unleashed the boundless energy and creativity of a free people. During this time freedom was secured for all Americans through wars, amendments to the Constitution, voting rights, discrimination protections, and other improvements to our laws. However, over the last several decades, freedom has slowly began to erode. Both political parties are to blame for the thousands of new laws and regulations that have resulted in a bloated, inefficient, unaffordable, and out-of-control federal government. Unless Americans unite to restore freedom, and drastically reform regulations, tax policy, and reckless spending, the American Dream is doomed. Unfortunately, we are not united, and the current political divide is getting worse. Many Americans are apathetic, uninformed, and unaware of the danger.

Think about the many problems that face us today: The disastrous, reckless, and costly retreat from Afghanistan directed by a politically focused, incompetent administration; the equally disastrous, and deliberate failure to control our southern border; the mindless determination to eliminate oil, gas, and coal sources of energy; the insane attempt to defund the police; the deceptive opposition to voter ID laws; the apathetic lack of concern for trillions of dollars [we don’t have] to fund new federal spending; the political opposition to school choice; the introduction of “sanctuary cities” that ignore immigration laws; the willingness to pack the Supreme Court; the threat to add new states that would solidify control of the US Senate; the attempt to hide the devastating economic impact of inflation; the brainwashing of children and students with claims of “systemic racism”, and Critical Race Theory; the failure to provide safe streets, a quality education, and economic opportunity for inner city residents; the attempt to redefine “infrastructure” such as roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. to include a bizarre collection of socialist items called “Human Infrastructure”; the introduction of “diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion” departments in businesses, schools, and government which misdirect priorities and mission; the proposal to spend three to six trillion dollars on new entitlements, and multiple, wasteful climate change policies at a time when existing entitlement programs are going bankrupt; the proposal to tax wealthy individuals and corporations to provide 100% funding for the new spending with the false claim that it will only affect the “rich”; the reversal of tax and regulation policies that were beginning to create prosperity, job growth, and an increase in living standards for all Americans; and the deliberately divisive strategy of “Identity Politics” which divide Americans based on race, gender, income, religion, age, and political affiliation.

What do all of the above issues have in common? They are all elements of the Socialist strategy to gain political power forever. The Socialist goal is to achieve government control of the United States before anyone notices the deception. We have many examples of one party socialist control in major cities, and several states. Crime, homelessness, poverty, bankrupt budgets, failing schools, and lack of freedom clearly show that Socialists can’t manage anything, much less a country.