Recently President Biden sarcastically questioned,”What are Republicans for?” The critical question should be, What are Americans for? I believe an overwhelming majority of Americans are for the fundamental rights of a free country as summarized in the Preamble to the Constitution: “i.e.-…form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity ..”

I wonder how many Americans are aware of this document, and aware of how it led to the greatest country in history. Too many Americans take their freedoms for granted and haven’t noticed that decades of bad government policies have eroded the “Blessings of Liberty” and that those blessings are becoming more limited every day.

So…what are Americans for? Government Policies that Protect Freedom For All Americans. We Americans want Law and Order, Safe Streets, Protection from Criminals, and Justice for All; A Strong Military, Highly Trained, with State-of-the-Art Resources, Always Ready, and Capable of Defeating any, and all Enemy Threats on Land, Sea, Air, and Space; Protection of the Environment; Abundant, Reliable, and Affordable Energy; An Education System that Prepares All Students with the Knowledge Necessary to Succeed; A Health Care System of the Highest Quality that is Affordable and Accessible for All; a Free Enterprise Economy that Creates Jobs, and a Standard of Living Capable of Eliminating Poverty; a Social Safety Net that Provides Food, Shelter, Health Care, and Financial Support; and a Focused Government that is Efficient, Effective and Trusted.

American freedom and democracy are now threatened with the potential of World War III. Socialist policies that divide Americans have undermined our ability to meet this threat. First among these insane policies is the premature attempt to fight Climate Change with the war on fossil fuels. Without any debate, or concern for the impact on jobs, economic prosperity, and America’s national security, President Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, and supported a multitude of regulations that served to limit America’s energy supply. As a result, American energy costs increased dramatically, causing severe inflation in gas prices, food, housing, transportation, etc., and this happened before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Unbelievably, today America is importing hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day… from Russia! Adding to the highest inflation rate in forty years, Socialist government policies are now subsidizing entire industries: biofuels, electric cars, windmills, solar panels, car charging stations, and “Green” infrastructure. The cost of these subsidies is astronomical. Government must end these subsidies and focus on research. Unless, and until an energy substitute is developed that can compete with fossil fuels in terms of cost, availability, and reliability, the world will continue using fossil fuels.

In addition to climate extremism, Socialist destructive policies result in: crime and lawlessness; inflation; lack of border control; substandard education; homelessness; unfair tax rates; wasteful spending; overregulation; systemic racism; entitlement insolvency; unmanageable public employee unions; bloated, oversized government; defunding the police; lack of military readiness; and idiotic class warfare.

Every one of these problems can be overcome if we open our eyes and unite as Americans, not as members of a political party. Class warfare is not just economically stupid, and anti-American, it is a socialist scam to gain political power. Socialism destroys freedom. Freedom unleashes the energy, and creativity of millions of Americans, and all of us need their success to protect our freedom. Freedom is the catalyst for the American Dream, and it is the realization of dreams that funds every single social program.