Sometimes it takes a disaster to unite for the greater good. The entire country was united for justice when they saw the horrible murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. There was also broad based support for peaceful protests against police brutality and racism.                                                                                                       But when the protests turned violent with burning, looting, and hatred in many cities, the unity vanished. Many democratic mayors and governors failed to keep the peace… their first priority duty. Riots will only end when peaceful protesters are separated from the anarchists. Without separation, a peaceful protest becomes an accessory to violence. When separation occurs, police and national guardsmen will be authorized to use greater force against anyone carrying weapons, throwing firebombs, and attacking with rocks, bricks, and other missiles.

Once the rioting ends, the country will demand meaningful plans to heal the racial wounds. Police sensitivity training, and community dialogue have been the preferred means to heal racial mistrust. This is not enough. Joe Biden has proposed a National commission. Governor Northam has proposed tearing down another statue. These political proposals are mainly cosmetic, and won’t fix anything. However, America’s current crisis has provided a real opportunity to fix the fundamental problems which cause racism, and inequality. These problems are most severe in crime ridden inner cities around the country. Citizens of the inner city have been ignored, abandoned, and left to fend for themselves for too long. The Constitution of the United States of America was formed to “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty” for all Americans. The key to the door of justice is hiding in plain sight. Inner city citizens do not have domestic tranquility. Justice can never be achieved without domestic tranquility. When the streets aren’t safe, a quality education, a good job, economic success, equality, and the blessings of liberty will be unattainable.

It is impossible for me to imagine the difficulties of living in an environment of illegal drugs, crime, gangs, violence, joblessness, fatherless homes, and a failed education system. Common sense tells me that America must fix these horrible problems that have been ignored since the Civil War. It isn’t too late, but it will take time.

All levels of government must finally take the necessary steps to ensure safe streets in inner cities. Government has a duty to end the influence of gangs, drugs, and violence. The problem has existed for so long that it may take martial law to allow these communities to achieve true freedom. Safe streets will bring new businesses, quality schools, and the infrastructure that is needed. Safe streets will provide opportunities to earn a decent living and allow fathers to avoid a life of crime, and jail, so they can assume their key role in raising their children. When children are safe, they can receive a superior education, and true equality is achievable.

If America fails to fix the hopelessness, anger and unrest will continue, and Martin Luther King’s Dream will never be realized.