This is in response to one of my family members who disagrees with my political views. She considers herself to be a Socialist, and asked what would I do to solve the “virus of Socialism”. [I have previously defined Socialism as a malignant virus, and enemy of freedom.]

A Socialist government is worse than a virus. It’s more like a cancer that gradually destroys everything it touches. Solving the threat of Socialism requires a comprehensive effort to educate the public. It should begin by making the public aware of the current horrible Socialist experience of Venezuela…and how it started.  Next, the education process should expose the economic, and social consequences experienced by every single country that adopted Socialism over the past century. Most important, the education effort should provide a clear understanding of the destructive economic consequences of Socialist polices that democrats are proposing in this year’s presidential election. The public will be shocked when they learn the costs of Socialist proposals. For example, the public is unaware of the costs associated with the Socialist “solution” to Climate Change [i.e.-Global Warming]: The Socialists [including Joe Biden, and every democratic candidate for president] falsely claim that the only solution to global warming is to propose a monstrous new tax on oil, gas, and coal…so high that the public will stop using these sources of energy. When voters learn the truth about the costs that they will have to pay, they will quickly conclude that this “solution” is total nonsense. Not only is the “solution” unaffordable, it cannot be implemented… because there is no existing substitute for any of the energy sources which currently fuel our economy. Energy from windmills, solar panels, and biofuels, coupled with the cost and complexity of the infrastructure required to operate, transmit, store, and distribute these false energy choices, will never be enough to replace oil, gas, and coal. Even if the public were stupid enough to try this “solution” it will have zero impact on climate change.

In the meantime, our entire country is fighting a highly contagious virus that is pandemic in scale, and spreading without regard for political affiliation, ideology, income, race, religion, gender, age, education, or sexual preference. There is no question that we will overcome this killer virus because each one of us has an incentive to defeat this unseen monster. We are finally united on this issue! Because federal, state and local governments, private enterprise, and almost every citizen are now working together, we will succeed. We will find treatments and vaccines that fix this problem and set the stage for improving the entire health care system.

When this pandemic is over, we will have an awful economic mess. The economic damage caused by the virus will be huge! Many businesses will be bankrupt, many jobs will be lost, and the federal debt will be astronomical! Fortunately, we now know that united we can solve this problem by working together. We also know that Socialist/Progressive policies will prevent our ability to unite, and will delay the recovery. The Socialist political strategy is to divide Americans. Proponents of Socialism demonize the free enterprise system that is the source of all funding for their false promises. They demonize, and smear individuals and businesses that have become successful in the free enterprise system. Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and every federal activity cannot exist without tax revenues provided by the free enterprise system. Yet, Socialist punitive taxation schemes eliminate all the incentives to start a business, invest in a business, and provide employment for millions of Americans. Socialists deceive the young and uninformed public by promising to redistribute the wealth created by the free enterprise system.  Socialists get away with this deceptive attack on freedom because schools don’t teach job creation, and do not educate students on the positive impact of freedom for everyone.  Successful individuals and businesses are entitled to freedom from government oppression and should be protected from Socialist confiscation of wealth.

No matter what, the Socialist political strategy of dividing us by identity must end. The overwhelming incentive for all Americans is the fact that we are going to need a united America to recover from the pandemic. We will need a robust social safety net to begin the recovery. This will be in addition to what has already been done. All Social safety net programs will require detailed oversight to correct the mistakes that are always made when legislation is done in haste, and unintended negative consequences will be many. These programs must be temporary, acting as an economic lifeline to begin focusing on two urgent priorities: Policies that will jump start the economy, and policies that will drastically cut federal spending. Each of these will require broad based incentives.

The first priority will be to create an economic boom. It will probably be accomplished in stages, depending on how quickly we can test and treat workers to reenter the work force. Economic recovery is highly probable because there is pent up demand, and we now know that economic incentives for business such as low taxes, and sensible regulation, create jobs and economic prosperity.

The second highest priority to recover from the pandemic will be to reduce unnecessary, and wasteful federal spending to focus on the most essential functions of a federal government. Today the federal government is so big, so involved in nonessential activities, that it is impossible to manage. We desperately need incentives to make the government efficient, and productive. We need incentives for government employees because they are in the best position to drastically improve the functions of government.