Enough already! When Joe Biden became President, he inherited an ideal situation: the entire economy was ready to boom again; the Middle East was uniting against Iran’s terror; the Southern border was finally under control; America had achieved energy independence; North Korea was behaving; China had been exposed as an enemy; ISIS had been destroyed; the military had been strengthened; A unique government-private partnership called “warp speed” miraculously developed effective vaccines in less than a year; and this partnership also opened up a new discovery path for creating pharmaceutical solutions for a host of other critical health problems.

It’s hard to imagine that a politician, or a political party, would not take advantage of such a situation, especially because there are so many other problems that need attention. Biden managed to squander each of these advantages, and he started on his first day in office. Without explanation, debate, or considering the impact of his actions, he reversed a host of Trump policies, and promised to reverse more. After nine months in office, Biden’s position on every important issue has been wrong.

The Virginia election is a significant step in correcting our education system. Critical Race Theory is not the only Socialist subject our children were being exposed to. Some schools wrongly focused on gender, sexual identification, and Climate Change. None of these subjects belong in grade, or high school, especially when our children are falling behind in math, science, and reading. Eventually, public employee unions, and especially the Teacher’s Unions, must be outlawed…like they were for over 200 years. Education is the bedrock of freedom, but it is not the only issue that has threatened our great country.

Three of these issues, CLASS WARFARE… CLIMATE CHANGE… and RACISM, are not only wrong, they must be understood as extreme threats to democracy:

CLASS WARFARE – is deliberately divisive, and economically insane. It is classic Socialist deception, offering benefits that supposedly “won’t cost anything”. Of course this is a deliberate lie, and guess who is the biggest liar. Nothing is free. Power seeking politicians falsely claim that the “rich” don’t pay their “fair share”. What is fair for all taxpayers is never defined because any true analysis will reveal that the rich pay far more than they should. A true analysis of tax fairness will reveal that over 50% of Americans pay zero income taxes, and even worse, millions of these receive tax refunds. Class warfare is wrong. It should be obvious that government needs a robust business climate to create jobs and economic prosperity. The best way to ensure this is for government to be pro business, and pro investor. Sadly, the Biden Administration is anti-business, and the President’s class warfare policy combines delusion with deception when he claims that taxing rich individuals and businesses will cost nothing. This destructive socialist strategy can only be corrected by eliminating the ability of politicians to offer potential voters benefits that others will pay for. Laws must protect all minorities, even the rich. Discrimination laws protect citizens based on age, race, gender, religion, etc., but not wealth. The freedom to succeed needs protection too. Class warfare is an attack on the American Dream. “Fair share” must be defined for everyone, and everyone must pay income taxes. Any deductions, exemptions, etc., must apply to everyone, not a political favorite. The only fair way to tax is one rate for everyone. This will create a unified concern for reckless, and wasteful government spending. As long as people believe tax rates don’t apply to them, they will be unconcerned with government mismanagement. Imagine if socialists had to pay for the spending they propose…government wasteful spending would end…immediately.

CLIMATE CHANGE – is the greatest threat to our democracy. You heard that right! However, the threat comes not from the climate, but from the insane solutions to climate change. There is so much about this issue that the climate change fanatics don’t want you to know: It will be impossible to eliminate energy from oil, gas, and coal. Windmills, solar panels, renewable fuels, etc., are not reliable, nor available, nor cost competitive with fossil fuels. The costs to implement the “Green New Deal” are so astronomical, and unaffordable that Americans will revolt once they experience the economic damage it will cause. Gas prices will soar to the point that Americans will riot…just like the French. Worst of all, other countries will refuse to limit use of oil, gas, and coal, and America’s self-defeating actions will have zero impact on climate change. Economic suicide must be prevented. Government should delay nationwide implementation of the “Green New Deal”until a pilot program is enacted, and the costs, benefits, and unintended consequences identified. A pilot program would require that all taxes and regulations necessary for implementation be contained within the pilot boundaries. No outside funding, or resources allowed. Let the citizens that are so concerned about the issue pay for its implementation. See if there are any volunteers. There will be none. Once the population understands the cost of eliminating fossil fuels, and switching to unreliable, alternative energy sources, they will finally realize the insanity of what is being proposed.

RACISM – For decades, corrupt politicians have done nothing to prevent drugs, gangs, crime, and killings of innocent people in black neighborhoods. As a result, inner city populations continue to suffer, year after year, living in dilapidated public housing, with substandard public schools, dependent on welfare, and almost nonexistent police protection. Racism is never resolved because by doing nothing, corrupt politicians deliberately keep black populations angry, claiming they are victims of a systemic racist system. These corrupt politicians are the real racists. They pretend to “solve” racism with Critical Race Theory, and time wasting guilt training programs that promote “diversity, equity, and inclusion”. The Ten Commandments, and the “Golden Rule” are much better guides that teach the right way to live with each other. But we must do more too overcome racism. The Constitution guarantees “domestic tranquility” [safe streets], and when government ignores this guarantee, inner city residents are left without a fundamental benefit of freedom, . Racism can be overcome with a “Marshall Plan” coupled with Martial law in neighborhoods that suffer from hopelessness. This will require total commitment from neighborhood citizens, and local politicians. These citizens should know that strict law and order results from martial law. Freedoms will be temporarily diminished to end the criminal activity. Stop and frisk will be required. Gang headquarters will be destroyed. Criminals and drug dealers will be imprisoned. Drugs and illegal assets will be confiscated. Gang members will be given choices: they can be part of the solution, or part of the problem, Their rights will be limited. Schools will require strict discipline, frequent testing, and teachers determined to ensure that students master their subjects. Once law and order is restored, businesses will locate in these neighborhoods, and jobs will flourish. Housing will be repaired and restored… inhabitants will be required to take ownership and pride in their homes.The solution to racism begins with safe streets. A quality education system cannot exist without safe streets. Children will never achieve the American Dream without a world class education in subjects that are critical to economic success. When residents can live in peace, with great schools, and abundant job opportunities, they become truly free. Martin Luther King’s dream can finally be realized: “Free at last, free at last, Great God Almighty, free at last!”