Socialist fanatics have taken over the United States government and have provided just a sample of what their destructive policies are capable of doing. Our southern border with Mexico is wide open, and uncontrollable. Our energy independence has been systematically disassembled. Our ability to fight inflation has been stymied by our President. Our ability to keep police on the streets, and prevent crime has been greatly diminished. Our military strength, and readiness have been neglected, and allowed to become weaker. Our policies that create economic prosperity have been 100% abandoned. Our ability to unite as a country has been politically, and deliberately prevented. Our basic entitlements like Social Security and Medicare are technically bankrupt, and solutions are ignored. Our education system is failing our children. Our ability to pursue the American Dream is shrinking day by day. Our American businesses are losing their ability to compete due to mindless taxes, and regulation. Our obligation to manage government spending is ignored. Solutions to critical issues like Racism, abortion, voting rights, justice, and immigration, are prevented due to socialist political objectives. What do all these problems have in common? They are all deliberate attempts to change America from a country based on freedom of the individual to a socialist system where an unaccountable government is in charge of everything. They are all key goals to obtain political power through the strategy of “Identity Politics”.

This is not incompetence. This is not an accident. This is a concentrated strategy to gain political power. Notice the extra effort to take away “assault” weapons. It’s just a start. The goal is to confiscate all weapons in private hands. The reason that President Biden refuses to accept the responsibility that “The buck stops here”, is because he created the problems that “the buck” is intended to stop.

These socialists must never be allowed government power again. They are enemies of the people, and enemies of freedom. This crisis is not a Republican Issue, nor a Democrat issue. It is an American issue of the highest importance. All Americans are at risk, and it will take a united effort to fight it. The socialists are euphemistically called “progressives”. There is nothing progressive about this movement. This is “systemic socialism”. Socialist power depends on lies, deception, disinformation, and covering up the truth…on every single issue. The socialists are well on the way to achieving their goal of “Equity”. They will eventually make everyone poor!

Climate Change derangement syndrome is a perfect example of the socialist goal of destroying the American Dream. Every US Agency has to consider climate change regardless of their key mission. Even the military! Gullible supporters of climate change don’t have a clue. They believe the lie that America is creating an example for the rest of the world to follow. The example we are creating is what not to do. Whatever we do will have zero impact on the climate! No other country is going to stop using gas and oil. The economic damage to America is incalculable! America, alone, cannot save the planet. The entire world, along with America will be required to save it. Gas and oil prices are the highest they have ever been, and until America regains its energy independence, the price will go higher. The positive impact of energy independence will reduce gas and oil prices immediately. It is the jump-start we need to fight inflation. America can then replace European dependence on Russian oil and gas.

Major structural changes are required to fight this socialist virus. First, redefine CO2 as a necessity for life on earth. Remove the false label of pollutant. Next, defund the EPA, and fire everyone. Next, revoke every single environmental regulation that prevents energy independence, and adds unnecessary costs to any business. Finally terminate all subsidies, and mandates for windmills, solar panels, electric vehicles, charging stations, and green new deal projects. Transfer these funds into research. The goal of this research will be to lower the costs, improve the quality, and efficiency of all renewable products so they are competitive with carbon based energy sources. Capitalize on the creative energy, and ingenuity of private sources using “warp speed” partnerships with government. There are no immediate climate threats to the environment that can’t be overcome. The socialists, and their media propaganda allies, publicize every severe climate event today as a result of our so-called failure to deal with climate change. Yet, not one of their projections of climate armageddon have come true.