It was intended to “Form a More Perfect Union, Establish Justice, Ensure Domestic Tranquility, Provide for the Common Defense, Promote the General Welfare, and Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves, and our Posterity. It was based on the concept that some truths were held to be self evident, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” These excerpts, and the complete texts from the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, may not be taught in schools anymore. Certainly some members of today’s Congress don’t have a clue what they mean, and how they led to the creation of the greatest country on earth.

Even though not perfect, the original framework allowed for future generations of Americans to abolish slavery, allow women to vote, end discrimination, and solve an uncountable number of other problems.

“Establish Justice” did not mean that members of Congress, or government officials, could lie, smear, slander, and harass their political opponents with impunity. At one time, false political accusations were settled by duels, but now untrue personal attacks are made every day by corrupt politicians. Liability law must be refined to punish malicious slander, and end this practice. Innocent victims of false accusations must be able to recover any damages from those who made the false accusations.

The goal of” Domestic Tranquility” has certainly been denied for decades in inner cities, where minority citizens live in crime-ridden, drug-infested, poverty-stricken hopelessness. Domestic Tranquility is also denied to others by government policy where the lives and economies of citizens, and businesses are being abused by homeless populations camping on their doorsteps and destroying their right to a clean, and free environment. Domestic Tranquility is turned upside down in communities where government fails to punish petty crime, releases repeat offenders on bail, allows non-citizens to vote, and protects illegal aliens from deportation.

“Provide for the Common Defense” is a fundamental reason for having a federal government. A strong military capability is the ultimate guarantor of freedom, yet it is often under appreciated, and subject to constant attempts to emasculate, and minimize it’s purpose.

“Promote the General Welfare” has nothing to do with government welfare programs. It has everything to do with government economic, and regulatory policies that guarantee and preserve freedom. Economic prosperity is the result of  promoting the general welfare, and is the catalyst for funding all government welfare programs.

“Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves, and our Posterity” is the ultimate goal of forming our federal government. It is the basis for all the other goals. It is the basis for “The American Dream”, and “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Freedom should be the common denominator of every government program. Just like an environmental impact study, every law and regulation should be based on a “Freedom Impact Study.”

Over the years, many politicians, some corrupt, and others with good intentions, have significantly strayed from the original purpose of government. The federal government was not formed to create income equality, provide health care for all, or allow a majority of citizens to confiscate the wealth of a minority. It was formed to create equal opportunity, freedom from oppression, and freedom in general. It created the framework of freedom that unleashed the energy and ingenuity of millions of Americans to pursue their dreams…that resulted in unprecedented prosperity…that increased the standard of living for all of it’s citizens…that provided funding for all welfare programs…to the point where America’s poor are now rich compared to many other countries in the world.

Today, the federal government has become what our founders feared. They wanted LIMITED GOVERNMENT to allow all free citizens to govern themselves, and allow them to keep the fruits of their labor. Politicians of all parties have failed in their duty to limit government activity as originally proposed. As a result, the federal government is now so big, so bloated, so full of waste and inefficiency that it cannot be managed. Bloated government results in overtaxation, unsustainable spending, and punitive regulation. Bloated government sucks the lifeblood out of freedom. Trillion dollar deficits have become the norm, and no politician of either party is willing to trim government spending. Government is so big we can’t fund today’s spending, much less future spending. Unfunded future spending for existing social programs are ignored by today’s politicians. If politicians do nothing to reform these programs, the federal debt will explode, and no amount of taxation will cover it.                                                                                       Yet, additional trillions of dollars of new government spending are now being proposed to fund new Socialist programs which will require  trillions of dollars of new taxes.

NEWS ALERT! America’s greatest threat is not from foreign interference in our elections, it is coming from within! It is domestic terrorism, disguised in Socialism’s false promises, and misinterpreted by the national news media, who are collectively blinded by political bias.

Three things have to happen to stop this insanity: [1] Socialism must be exposed.  Too many people don’t understand the threat. They don’t understand Socialism’s strategic deception, it’s negative impact on the economy, and it’s destructive impact on freedom. [2] We must continue policies [Tax Cuts and Regulation Reform] that “Promote the General Welfare” to maintain economic prosperity. These policies will generate the funding needed to survive while this crisis is being dealt with, and [3] Begin a comprehensive effort to drastically cut federal government activities that have nothing to do with government’s essential purpose. Non-essential activities are dramatically publicized during snowstorms in Washington, DC when “non-essential employees” are urged to Stay Home!

Spending cuts from non-essential activities cannot be accomplished without the active participation of federal employees. They must have incentives to do what must be done. The process that businesses used to increase quality and efficiency utilized all employees and the results were dramatically effective. Quality improved, efficiency improved, and costs were reduced year after year. If federal employees are properly motivated they can make it happen.

In addition to accepting suggestions that federal employees develop, Congress can implement immediate solutions: Outlaw public employee unions; abolish federal minimum wage requirements; suspend or reduce federal mandates, grants, and subsidies; consolidate all welfare programs under one agency; abolish the Davis-Bacon act; adjust eligibility requirements for Medicare and Social Security based on longer life spans; conduct cost-benefit studies for every federal program; eliminate agencies and programs that are not priorities [i.e.-;Consumer Financial Protection Bureau]; and many more.