Democrats have consolidated their support for Joe Biden, and he is now positioned to be the democratic nominee for President. The party, and the national news media enthusiastically describe Biden as a “Moderate”. These political bedfellows know that labels mean something, especially the term, “Moderate”. It implies that a “Moderate” will be more acceptable than a “Socialist.” Calling Joe Biden a “Moderate” is misleading! His policies are almost as socialist as Bernie’s. Biden is on record stating that he will reverse Trump’s tax cuts and regulation reform. He is committed to taxing America’s use of oil, gas, and coal to a degree that will dramatically raise the cost of energy for everyone. He supports amnesty, and free health care for illegal immigrants. He does not support “Medicare for All”, but intends to radically change ObamaCare by adding a “Public Option” that will drive private health insurance out of existence. Every other Biden policy increases spending, and does nothing to generate economic growth. These policies do not reflect a “moderate.” These policies describe a governing philosophy of Socialism.

Today, the only purpose of political labels is to deceive an ill-informed public. Politicians that call themselves “Moderate”, “Progressive”, “Liberal”, and “Socialist” are all supportive of policies that are based on redistribution of wealth. Wealth is only redistributed to those who will vote for politicians who promise to redistribute it. Promising free health care, free college, forgiveness of student loans, abortion on demand, guaranteed government jobs, increased eligibility for welfare programs, paid family leave, increases to the minimum wage, reparations for slavery, and “saving the planet” by killing the oil, gas and coal industry, are nothing more than vote buying schemes…based on the great deception that rich corporations and individuals will pay for it. But there will be unintended consequences.

Freedom “to keep the fruits of your labor” has always been a Democratic Party talking point. Yet, there will be no labor, and no “fruits” to keep, if there are no businesses to hire the labor, or investors to create the businesses. When corporations, and wealthy individuals, lose the opportunity to keep the rewards of their investments, the impact on the economy is always negative. Socialist policies destroy freedom, destroy business and investor incentives, destroy the American Dream, destroy the Free Enterprise System, and ironically… destroy the tax base that socialists claim will pay for all their socialist policies.

Today, America is threatened by a highly contagious virus of pandemic scale. The economy has been shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. Government now has the urgent duty to join with private enterprise, and individual citizens in a united effort to solve both the health threat and the economic threat. Because we are united, we will solve both problems.

Unfortunately, we are in a presidential election year, and another virus has infected America. It is a much greater threat than a health virus. This virus is Socialism, spreading with false promises, deliberately divisive, scheming to gain power, and total government control.