We hear the concern about Critical Race Theory, and the sneaky way it’s being introduced into school curriculums. It is a dishonest, and deceptive, rewrite of history. It is a biased attempt to brainwash children into believing that systemic racism began when the first slave was brought to America… and still exists today. This bigoted Theory attempts to divide Americans into oppressors and oppressed, where the oppressors are all white people, and the oppressed are “people of color”.

I have a different theory, and it’s based on education. I believe that education is the bedrock of freedom, and critical to America’s future. America’s founders were all extremely well educated, and knew firsthand that an oppressive government destroyed freedom. They designed the “Constitution of the United States” to specifically prevent an oppressive government, with a goal of preserving freedom into perpetuity.

Sadly, America’s public education system has failed to teach a true history of America for several decades. As a result, a majority of Americans are unaware of the unique gift that was created by our founding fathers. The failure to teach history has left our young people easy prey for corrupt politicians, criminals, and the proponents of Critical Race Theory. There are hundreds of years of world history that serve as examples of why our system of government is the best in all of history. Of course it can be improved, and our founders provided for that too. Students would be surprised to know that slavery, and racism have existed since the beginning of tribal warfare…for thousands of years. Even African tribes enslaved other tribes, and sold African slaves to other countries. The good and bad of history should be taught without bias, and without trying to manipulate thought. Education doesn’t begin and end with school. We are not educated if we are not informed. Education includes current events. Some of us are prevented from knowing current events because too many news organizations are withholding news or manipulating news with their biased Socialist agendas.

Most people are unaware why Critical Race Theory is being taught, and why the Teacher’s Unions are so determined to support it. The Democrat Party needs the votes of “People of Color” [AKA- non-whites] to achieve government power. The Teacher’s Union has become a critical force in the democrat party. If democrat politicians really cared about “people of color”, they would demand safe streets in all neighborhoods, an end to crime, gangs, and drugs, and that the Teacher’s Union provide all children with a world class education. Unfortunately, the Socialist strategy of “Identity Politics” doesn’t permit the American Dream for “people of color” because these politicians need angry victims to obtain their votes. Teaching Critical Race Theory actually inflames Racism…which is the real goal. Racism does exist, but eighty million white people voted for Barack Obama, which proves that systemic racism does not exist.

America became the greatest country in history because of two founding goals: First and foremost, was the goal of Individual Freedom, and the second was the goal of Limited Government. The first goal allowed individuals to be free to use their creativity, and energy to achieve a better life. It was freedom that unleashed powerful incentives for individuals to work hard, innovate, and achieve unprecedented economic success. This goal allowed all Americans…even the poor… to achieve a standard of living that is the envy of the world. The second goal of Limited Government was intended to protect the freedom of the first goal.

The end of Racism should be a goal of all Americans, and a world class education is one of the solutions. Racism’s causes, effects, and solutions, should be debated on a national scale, but not as a school subject. Schools should focus on a basic curriculum that will prepare all students for success, and the opportunity to pursue their American Dream.