I think it’s going to be impossible for President Trump to win a second Presidential term. He may run, but it would more than likely result in another democrat winning the White House. President Trump never understood, didn’t care, or chose to ignore, why so many potential voters were turned off by his thoughtless tweets and comments. For almost four years, he has been his own worst enemy with unnecessary public criticism of anyone that he disagreed with. His comments about John McCain probably cost him Arizona. He failed miserably to follow President Reagan’s advice to “Speak no ill of fellow Republicans”. He should not have criticized professional athletes who chose not to stand for the National Anthem before their games. Instead, he wasted an opportunity to call them in, understand their issues, get their recommendations, and work with them to make real change to overcome the problems of racism. His unnecessary criticism allowed his opponents to accuse him of racism, and mobilize an anti-Trump Black vote.

Trump’s speech on January 6th, which urged his supporters to march to the Capital and peacefully, and patriotically make their voices heard, actually led to riots, looting, and death. This was the worst decision he has made as President. It was the final straw. He has now lost at least half of his supporters. Even before the assault on the Capital, he was inciting his peaceful supporters with false hope that their vocal opposition might overturn the election, still insisting that he won by a landslide, and that the election was stolen. He thoughtlessly assailed his loyal supporters in the Senate by warning them that their reelection would be in jeopardy if they didn’t vote to overturn the election of Joe Biden. Unbelievably, Donald Trump even demonized his loyal Vice President, Mike Pence, who was constitutionally bound to preside over the congressional vote to accept the election results. Trump has been blinded by the election results, and has proved that he is oblivious to the fact that loyalty is a two way street. Not surprisingly, several members of his Administration have resigned due to his actions that led to the riots.

He had already compounded his mistakes before the riots. After agreeing to a much delayed bipartisan Covid relief package, he sabotaged his own Administration, and his supporters in Congress by demanding that the stimulus relief package be increased from $600 to $2,000 per person. Plus, he threatened to veto the pork-filled budget unless it included legislation to eliminate liability protection for social media companies. The democrats couldn’t wait to use this against him in the Georgia senate runoff elections. He confused potential Georgia voters by focusing on election irregularities in Georgia and other states, claiming that the election was stolen, and that the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State should resign. Republicans needed every vote in Georgia, and Trump’s failure to focus solely on the importance of the runoff elections surely cost both of Georgia’s senate seats.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, he did a great job rallying his core supporters, but missed every opportunity to expand his base. He did not focus on the concerns of suburban women, and others that liked his policies, but hated his narcisstic personality. Trump made a disasterous reelection blunder when he chose not to prepare for his first debate with Joe Biden. He made no effort to expose Joe Biden’s false claims, and hidden policies. His first debate performance failed to show potential supporters that he was an informed, and competent leader, with policies for the benefit of all Americans. Instead, he kept interrupting Biden, and wound up with an image of a bully, and a blowhard.

He wasted another opportunity to improve his image during the regular press conferences on the Corona Virus. He monopolized the conferences and droned on and on, reading from a script when he should have made a brief statement and let his team provide the details. This mistake allowed Joe Biden, and Biden’s news media allies to falsely claim that Trump had botched the government’s response to the pandemic. Trump should have given all credit to his team, instead of making every action about him.

Who knows what the compound impact of four years of constant democratic resistance, lies, false claims, twisted interpretations, deception and negative rhetoric have had on Trump’s behavior? The Russian collusion hoax, the phony Impeachments, the overwhelming criticism of the mainstream media, and the evil activities of the “Deep State” were all meant to destroy him. This onslaught would have broken almost anyone, yet not Donald Trump,… in spite of his sensitivity to criticism. Surely, this obnoxious negative environment influenced his natural reaction to lash out, and attack. It also must have influenced his frustration when he did not get credit for the good he has done.

And he has done much good… In spite of overwhelming opposition, he deserves credit for exposing the socialist insanity of class warfare…demonizing the rich, overtaxing and punitively regulating corporations, and recklessly obliterating the American Dream. First, Trump showed what would happen if taxes were lowered, punitive regulations were removed, and government policy changed from being the enemy of business to being a partner with business. The economy soared, and jobs became so plentiful that there were not enough workers to fill them. Trump reformed the judicial branch by nominating judges who would support the Constitution, and not try to legislate from the bench. His addition of three new, highly capable Supreme Court Justices was historic. He greatly strengthened the military with additional funding and replenishment of resources. He changed the rules of engagement that allowed troops on the ground to operate without micromanagement from ignorant politicians. As a result, the ISIS “Caliphate” was totally destroyed, and his new policy led to the elimination of key radical muslim leaders that were responsible for thousands of American deaths. Trump’s energy policies led to America becoming the largest producer of oil and gas in the world, which resulted in lower energy costs for all Americans. These policies had the impact of a massive, across-the-board tax cut, and increased the ability of American businesses to compete in a global economy. Trump was responsible for a uniquely new approach to Middle East peace. He totally revived the Middle East Peace process by convincing Arab countries to make peace with Israel in a united effort to counter the influence of Iran. Anyone but Donald Trump would have won the Nobel Peace Prize for this seemingly impossible breakthrough. Perhaps Trump’s greatest accomplishment was to introduce a revolutionary concept of “Warp Speed” to overcome the Covid 19 pandemic. He formed a strategic partnership between government and private industry to rapidly develop vaccines and treatments to combat the Covid Virus. His out-of-the-box approach resulted in new treatments for the virus in addition to several successful vaccines. Donald Trump’s unrelenting focus on the virus has also set in motion the opportunity to develop new pharmaceutical solutions to hundreds of diseases. Many new drugs will now be developed without the risk, cost and bureaucratic delays that have been the norm for decades.

The departure of Donald Trump leaves unfinished business that will not be swept under the rug just because America will have a democrat/socialist government. Unfinished business includes the exposure and the elimination of the Socialist threat to American freedom. The degree of hatred for Donald Trump is unprecedented and is spreading to members of his Administration, and on to his supporters. The socialists intend to destroy anyone associated with Trump. The attempt to impeach without any due process, coupled with silencing all conservative speech is just the beginning. Trial lawyers are going to be busy. The Courts are going to be busy. Liability law will be reformed and refined.

The call for reconciliation and unity is absolutely necessary, but cannot happen without a full accounting of the greatest political crime in more than a century…The Russian collusion hoax that attempted to overthrow Trump’s presidency with knowingly false information…This monstrous lie went on for years, and there are many who should be held accountable. The enablers of this crime included corrupt politicians, rogue government employees, biased news media, biased social media companies, biased university professors, complacent corporate leaders, biased public employee unions, and many others that comprise the “DEEP STATE”. There also has to be a full investigation of the political, and constitutional damage to the election process that was caused by uncontrolled, and unverifiable mail-in ballots.

Trump’s best opportunity to repair his reputation will be to choose not to run again. He could become a constant critic of democratic/socialist policies by comparing their big government results with actual results achieved during Trump’s presidency. The most meaningful comparisons will include: Job creation; Wage increases; Economic prosperity; Middle East Peace; Military strength; China policy; and Green Energy policy. Of course there will be a comparison of Biden’s response to the Pandemic, and Biden’s success in promoting economic recovery. The results will probably be so significant that the media will not be able to keep them hidden. Trump should then devote his total support to elect talented republican politicians who will commit to continuing, and expanding successful Trump policies in future elections.

Years from now, historians will treat the Donald Trump presidency much kinder than the current emotional hysteria that is now in vogue. History will mark his four year term as the beginning of a return to the Founder’s dream of a truly free country that cannot exist without competent, focused, leaders of limited government.