President Biden preached unity throughout his inaugural address, but it was just a collection of lies. Speaking words that someone else had written to tell people what they hoped to hear. Of course, no one in the media will keep track of his lies like they did for Donald Trump. So many voters who hated Trump were thrilled with Biden’s words. They are all so hopeful that at last we can return to “normal”, and end the polarization. But after his first two weeks in office Biden’s actions give lie to his words. Not one of his 40+ Executive Actions is dedicated to unity. His intent is to eliminate every one of Trump’s policies, no matter the impact on jobs, the economy, national security, or the cost. Cancelling the XL pipeline, and elimination of fracking on federal lands, without any debate, discussion, explanation, or reasoning behind his decisions is informative. He is going to be the most “Progressive” President in American history…just like he said in the democratic debates. “Progressive” is just a euphemism for “Socialist”. How is it that so many smart people missed this possibility?

Apparently “Trump Derangement Syndrome” blocks rational thought. The Republicans that couldn’t stand Trump thought they were electing a “Moderate” that surely wouldn’t support packing the Supreme Court, or adding a new state with only 50 Senate votes and a deliriously happy Vice President Harris. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the democrats are going all in for their radical programs over the next two years. They think that their actions over the next two years will be enough to keep them in power forever.

The Republican Party supports government policy that will promote freedom for all Americans as envisioned by our brilliant Founders: freedom to create jobs and economic prosperity, freedom to pursue the American Dream, and freedom from oppression whether from foreign or domestic threats. Some Americans are still seeking that freedom, but it won’t happen without unity. Republicans have practical solutions to this problem, and just about every problem that threatens America. But Republicans have lost the ability to communicate their message. Sadly, the Socialists now have the ability to cancel any speech that deviates from their ideology. The democratic strategy to achieve their goal of total government power has been underway for decades and has been remarkably successful. President Biden is totally committed to this strategy. After all, it got him elected in spite of his many shortcomings. The strategy is the total opposite of unity.

Identity Politics is the strategy that has been used by the Democrat Party to gain power and control of government. The strategy is identical to the socialist strategy of divide and conquer using deception and lies to fool each separate identity group. As unbelievable as it sounds, this means that one political party is committed to divide the country… Think about that…

For example: The classic socialist strategy is the use of class warfare to convince the non-rich that the rich are not paying their fair share of income taxes. Of course, “fair share” is never defined and the overwhelming percentage of taxes paid by the rich are never discussed. Corporations, businesses, and the rich are lumped together as the “enemy” whose wealth, the socialists’ claim, has been unfairly gained at the expense of everyone else. The class warfare socialists hide the fact that the so-called “enemy” is the source of all jobs, and all funding for national security, and for every government agency. Not one government job, nor any of the many government benefit programs could exist without funding from their so-called “enemy.”

Class warfare is the greatest threat to the American Dream due to the unlawful redistribution of wealth from those who have earned it to those who will vote for democrats. The basic rights, and freedoms of the rich are taken away with class warfare, and replaced with a lack of incentive to create, to build, take risk, and to pursue the American Dream. Class warfare perversely creates the exact opposite of economic prosperity. Over time, the socialist class warfare strategy ruins the bountiful economic miracle that a free republic generates, and income equality is finally achieved…only everyone becomes poor.

Climate Change is another disastrous socialist deception that generates democrat votes. This topic is based on more lies than any other. The most obvious lie is the change of the name of the threat from Global Warming to Climate Change. The socialists wanted to use any weather extreme [hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, wildfires, etc.] as frequent examples of the “threat”. The string of lies begins with CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions coming from the use of oil, gas, and coal that rise from earth into a collection of atmospheric greenhouse gases so large that it causes abnormal heat on earth’s oceans. The democrats claim that abnormal heat causes all extreme weather conditions, and supposedly someday, maybe as early as 2032, or perhaps in a hundred years, will make earth uninhabitable. The next lie is that this theory is “settled science”, and therefore, indisputable fact, and cannot be debated because a large majority of scientists say so.

But the lies grow even larger with the  socialist solution to “climate change.”

The single socialist “solution” to climate change is to eliminate all use of carbon energy sources in the world, beginning with American energy. This is the first lie associated with the solution: that America, alone, can solve climate change, even though America is only responsible for 15% of CO2 emissions in the world. The second lie is that America must eliminate all CO2 emissions by 2050, and some socialists are saying the time limit is really 2032. The third lie is that the only socialist approved way to eliminate these carbon-based emissions is to tax them out of existence with taxes so high that no one will use them. The socialists even want to eliminate cows because cow farts emit CO2. The socialists do not even consider that energy from nuclear power plants, and hydroelectric plants do not emit any CO2 emissions. The use of natural gas is not even considered by the socialists as a phase out source of energy.                                                                                                           The costs of this impossible “solution” are incalculable. The costs are much more than gas at the pump. The socialists plan to tax the carbon energy that is used to fly our planes, heat and cool our homes, our office buildings, and our factories. The cost doesn’t include the massive infrastructure that would be required to implement the change in energy sources. These additional costs will make every American business unable to compete with the rest of the world.                                                                                                   There are monstrous lies of omission that the socialists never want revealed: How high do taxes have to go before oil, gas, and coal, cease to be used? Who collects the tax revenues? Who decides what to do with the tax revenues? By the way, the French rioted for weeks on end when their government raised gasoline taxes from $7.05 per gallon to $7.35 per gallon.

But the biggest lie of all, is the fact that there is no competitive substitute for carbon based energy…and no substitute that can realistically be relied on. The entire country could be papered with solar panels and wind mills, and every gas station converted to battery recharge stations, and biofuel storage, and these combined sources would never be able to replace oil, gas, and coal. Even if by some miracle all carbon sources of energy could be replaced and implemented, the cost of these new sources could never be as cheap and as abundant as what America has now.

After considering all these lies, the socialist deception becomes clear: They don’t intend to replace anything. Their real goal is a brand new source of tax revenues that they can redistribute to their voting base, and solidify their control over government forever.

President Obama told some whoppers, especially regarding his so-called “Affordable Care Act”, but his biggest may have been that Climate Change is the greatest threat facing America… Greater than Radical Islamic Terrorism, greater than nuclear war from Iran, North Korea, or even from China. Of course, he didn’t say anything about the greatest threat of all, the hidden threat of Socialism. Socialism is secretly infecting uneducated Americans, who have been deliberately deceived and kept from the truth, apathetic Americans, who think that it would be impossible to end the freedoms that they take for granted, and Americans who have been duped to vote for those who promise benefits that others will pay for…

A final lie of omission is what most American’s don’t know… that CO2 is a basic requirement for life on earth, and that every time we humans exhale, we emit CO2 into the atmosphere.

Racism is a major socialist identity strategy that is riddled with lies, starting with the claim that America is guilty of “systemic racism”. The socialists seek to convince the African American population and the Latino population that they are victims of white [i.e.- republican] suppression. The opposite is true. The democrat party has for decades deliberately kept inner city residents in crime infested neighborhoods, deliberately kept inner city children from receiving a quality education, and deliberately dependent on government handouts. In addition, democrats have deliberately prevented solutions to illegal immigration to gain the votes of Latinos. President Obama, with overwhelming majorities in congress, promised that his administration would fix the immigration problem as his number one priority. This was another Obama lie. The democrats do not want the problems fixed. They want to keep both of these groups as angry and ignorant as possible to gain their votes.

Race riots have now become the norm whenever a police shooting involves the black community. Shootings, killings, and violence in these communities are rampant. Ninety-nine percent of shootings in these communities do not involve the police, yet all the attention is focused on police brutality. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has exposed itself as an anti-American group determined to defund the police, and destroy America. The movement has morphed into a mob that is reminiscent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts that terrorized Germany in the 1930’s, resulting in Nazi control. The socialist strategy of democrats and their media propaganda machine is to pretend that riots, arson, and looting are justified because of “systemic racism”. In reality, all black lives matter, especially those lives who are not resisting arrest. The City of Detroit is actually suing Black Lives Matter whose protests were never about fixing racism. Many American businesses have donated millions of dollars to Black Live Matter, and none of this money will go the neighborhoods that desperately need it. These well meaning businesses will never bother to check where their  contributions go because they are afraid of being labeled as racist.

Of all the identity issues, this one is the most tragic. This issue is ripe for a united solution. The Trump Administration would have partnered with democrats to begin the end of racism. But it will never happen as long as democrats embrace socialism. President Biden will introduce many costly programs pretending to overcome racism, but none of his “solutions” will fix the core problems of rampant crime, unsafe streets, a failure to educate inner city children, and the need for economic development. The socialists need division and hate to gain power. Sadly, is the pathetic sight of black athletes kneeling at sporting events in a purely cosmetic display of their racial justice concerns. They could realistically be a critical part of fixing the root causes of racism. Instead of kneeling, they could become the role models for children in their former neighborhoods. They could work with the billionaire owners of sports teams to provide private funding for schools and other inner city needs. They could shame the Congressional Black Caucus into action to demand safe streets where citizens could enjoy a normal life that they deserve without fear of drive-by shootings. These athletes could be a force for good and end the democratic/socialist divisive racial strategy. They could point out the stupidity of tearing down statues, changing street names, rewriting history, and demonizing historical figures, instead of finding real solutions.

Medicare for All is another identity issue based on lies. The claim that free health care is a “right” is a lie. Emergency health care is a right, and this right exists only because the government has agreed to a tax exempt status for health care providers in return for their agreement to provide emergency care to everyone in need. ObamaCare was supposed to be the precursor to nationalized health care [i.e.-Medicare for All]. Yet everything about ObamaCare was a lie, beginning with its official name, “The Affordable Care Act”. “Keep your own doctor,” “keep your own insurance plan”, “lower your premium by thousands of dollars per year”, “wouldn’t add one dime to the federal deficit”….all lies. Medicare was going bankrupt before ObamaCare, but its implementation only increased the inevitability of bankruptcy. Vermont spent four years trying to implement “universal health insurance” [aka- Medicare for All] and ended up concluding that it was financially impossible to achieve…and now the socialist democrats spread the lie and insist it would work on a national scale. In reality, this is another socialist scheme to redistribute wealth…and has nothing to do with health.

Abortion is another socialist identity issue, intended to divide women, and gain another voting block. The lie of abortion is the fact that medical science has proved beyond doubt that life exists in the womb. Doctors can not only attest to life, they can actually treat an unborn child before it is born.  Abortion lies are wrapped in words, and phrases that ignore life, such as the word,”fetus.” Calling an unborn baby a “fetus” implies the existence of an inert object that  somehow requires removal. Another euphemistic phrase that is used to distract from life in the womb is justifying abortion as a “woman’s health issue”. Worst of all, is the pretense that “Partial Birth Abortion” is not a barbaric, intensely painful procedure. Everything about it is a lie.

Public Employee Unions, especially teacher’s unions, have become a key identity source of funding and votes for democrats. The obvious lie is the pretense that the union is mainly to ensure that students receive a quality education from highly trained teachers. These unions are in an unholy alliance with democratic politicians who commit to increasing union wages and retirement benefits in return for voting democratic politicians into power. This destructive relationship has resulted in out of control pension fund obligations that are bankrupting cities and states everywhere democrats are in total control. The real victims of this political corruption are the children who do not receive a quality education, and the future of America which will be burdened with an uneducated population that is brainwashed with socialist bias.

Trial Lawyers are another identity group which supports democrats, who permit outrageous frivolous  lawsuit costs on doctors, hospitals, and every single American business. The hidden lie of this group is that they [trial lawyers] are serving the public by punishing evil corporations. The trial lawyers claim that they are totally committed to protect the innocent victims of corporate greed. The opposite is true. Trial lawyers are able to sue innocent corporations and people with impunity. This is because current liability law does not allow innocent victims of frivolous lawsuits to recover their cost of defending themselves in court. Ironically, most innocent victims find it cheaper to settle out of court. This is nothing more than legalized extortion, and the only reason it exists is because corrupt politicians prevent this flaw in the law from being corrected. Trial lawyers are a significant funding source for democratic politicians.

The Deep State is probably the most dangerous collection of democratic socialism in America. It is much deeper and broader than the thousands of federal government leaders and employees that are joined at the hip to the democratic/socialist ideology. The deep state includes the bias of most of the national news media; most of the  employees that populate social media; most of Hollywood; most television  entertainers; most University professors; a huge number of biased judges that do not believe in the Constitution as it was originally written; and a credible number of high school and grade school teachers. This vast assembly of socialist bias presents a constant barrage of lies, slander, and disinformation to an unsuspecting American public. The deep state represents the greatest threat to individual freedom because their proponents have also been duped and brainwashed to the point where they think they are doing good.