Social Justice cannot exist without law and order! Freedom cannot exist without law and order! Solutions to social injustice cannot be implemented without law and order! “Ensure Domestic Tranquility” is a core Constitutional purpose that demands law and order. Yet, the democrats are pretending that the riots, arson, and looting in our major cities are really just protests over “systemic racism.”

Instead, the democrats want you to think that the 2020 presidential election is only about the character of Donald Trump, compared to the character of Joe Biden. You’ll be surprised to know that the democrats exposed the character of Joe Biden years ago when he ran for president in 1988. The democrats identified Joe Biden as a serial plagiarist. Biden not only used exact words of other politicians, but also their mannerisms in delivering the same speeches. The democrats identified numerous lies that Biden told during the 1988 campaign: Exaggerating his standing in law school; Claiming fictitious awards; Claiming to have earned three college degrees. Biden had to recant when his deceit was discovered. He also admitted to plagiarism on a college term paper. The democrats used video tapes of Biden’s duplicity to squash his candidacy. Biden’s character hasn’t changed. He threatened to withhold one billion dollars in aid unless a Ukrainian investigation involving his son was ended. Biden’s character was also exposed on an official diplomatic mission to China…where his son Hunter miraculously wound up with a Billion and a half dollar Chinese investment.

But this election is not about the character contrast between Trump and Biden. It’s really about the character, and consequences of the socialist movement that has infected the Democratic party. The Lord’s Prayer is prophetic: “Lead us not unto temptation, but deliver us from evil.” Temptation is the strategy for socialists to gain political power. Evil is what socialists do when they gain power. Every socialist policy now proposed by democrats is a false promise…free everything, and someone else to pay for it. Not one socialist policy is intended to create economic prosperity. Every policy is the opposite of what must be done: Raising taxes and punitive regulations on businesses will crush any economic recovery from the virus shutdown. Climate Change policies will eliminate thousands of well paying jobs in the energy sector, and raise the cost of energy for every American. Medicare for All will punish existing seniors as they compete for health care services with millions of new government eligible patients.                                                                        In addition, the democrats continue to try to cover up the greatest ongoing political scandal in American history: Illegal spying; Russian “collusion”; Impeachment without a crime; perpetual “Resistance” to sabotage every Trump activity; Nonstop news media slander, and deception; Guaranteeing election chaos with millions of unverifiable mail-in” votes”.

Unbelievably, Biden claims to have a plan to fix the economy. This is bizarre, and preposterous, since his party’s sole focus has been to redistribute wealth from those who created it, and his socialist colleagues are oblivious to the government policy environment that supports economic prosperity.