“Elections have consequences…We won, you lost”, so said Barack Obama to the republican leadership shortly after Obama became President. Thus began eight years of socialist policies, and not a single policy that promoted economic prosperity. The 2020 presidential election will also have consequences. Political smears, and accusations of blame are in full destructive mode. Reaction to the pandemic, the economic shutdown, and racist unrest has prevented any meaningful discussion of the other consequences associated with whichever party wins in November.

Contrary to the incessant negative news and focus, this election is about much more than love or hate for Donald Trump. It is about government policy: job creation, wage growth, economic recovery, health care, military readiness, prevention of voter fraud, racism, illegal immigration,  abortion, retirement security,  affordable energy, and law and order. Voters need to know the consequences of electing democrats or republicans on each of these issues. The consequences are starkly different. Voters must become aware of these differences.

Economic prosperity: The number one priority in the coming election is to stimulate a long term economic boom to create jobs, ensure wage growth, and attract business investment in America. Tax cuts, and regulation reform are the two key catalysts that incentivize growth and prosperity. An economic boom will generate jobs for every able bodied person, and provide funding for every social welfare program. Incredibly, Joe Biden has promised to reverse all the tax cuts and regulation reform that the republicans enacted in Trump’s first term. Instead of helping the economy, this policy will severely damage the economy. Biden’s perverse tax and regulatory policies will crush economic growth, and eliminate millions of jobs.                                                                                              Since 1776, some additional truths have become self evident. One-  A business friendly government that preserves and enhances freedom for individuals and businesses will create more jobs and prosperity than a government that is anti-business. Two- Socialist anti-business policies are now the policies of democrats.

Energy Supply and Cost: For decades, a major national security goal was energy independence from oil cartel members that controlled most of the world’s supply of oil and gas. The cartel’s main goal was to keep the cost of energy high. Thanks to American ingenuity, the United States has finally become energy independent and the cost of gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and coal has decreased significantly, lowering the cost of energy for all Americans. A byproduct of this achievement has been a huge increase in high paying jobs in America.                                         With total disregard for America’s national and economic security, the democrats have promised to gradually eliminate all these sources of energy to somehow manage the world’s climate. The democrats deliberately refuse to reveal the devastating impact of their “climate change” policy because every American will pay significantly higher energy costs.

Affordable Health Care: Medicare was going bankrupt before ObamaCare. President Obama did nothing to fix this problem. Instead, he deliberately lied about the cost and disruption of his new program. He claimed that adding free health care for millions of new uninsured patients would result in lower health insurance premiums for everyone, and that it would not “add one dime” to the federal budget deficit. Biden, and the democrats are now proposing to accelerate the inevitable Medicare bankruptcy by lowering the Medicare eligibility age and expanding ObamaCare. This is another socialist goal that will increase the cost, and diminish the quality of care for everyone, especially those seniors already on Medicare.

Racism: Joe Biden has promised to end racism by selecting a woman of color as his vice president. Rather than condemn the rioting, looting, burning, and destruction of property for fear of alienating his African American voter base,  Biden has promised to unite America by being nice to all people. The democrats are the real racists because they have no intention of implementing policies that will fix the root causes of racism. The democrats claim that the solution to violence is to confiscate all guns, yet they support defunding the police, and even disbanding the police. There is no way to end the violence of guns, gangs, drugs, and criminal behavior without a significant increase in the number of police on site at all times. It may require police on every street corner until the citizens are guaranteed their constitutional right of “Domestic Tranquility.” Only then will children be able to receive the quality education they deserve. Only then will businesses feel safe enough to locate in neighborhoods that are desperate for jobs. Only then will fathers have a choice between a life of crime or an opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

Illegal Immigration: Today’s democratic politicians, including Joe Biden, are on record supporting illegal immigration. They oppose border walls, but support free health care, amnesty, citizenship, voting rights, and even PPP direct payments to illegal aliens. Americans have forgotten that President Obama promised that one of his first priorities would be to fix the illegal immigration problem. Obama did nothing even when he had super majorities in both houses of congress. President Trump was ready to approve legislation that would have given DACA children amnesty and an opportunity for citizenship, but the democrats refused to support the effort.

Abortion: All democratic politicians support abortion on demand, and federal funding for abortions. At a time when these democrats claim that they support the science behind climate change, and scientific solutions to defeat the Covid19 Virus, they ignore the science of life and birth. Medical science has proof positive that at some point in the pregnancy, life is present…and a “fetus” becomes an unborn, live baby. Yet, there is total democratic opposition to protecting an unborn baby when a heartbeat is detected. Democrats refuse to protect even when further evidence of life in the womb is developed in the third trimester. Medical science doesn’t need a computer simulation, or a declaration from some government body to prove that life exists in the womb. All the proof can be seen with your own eyes…in a sonogram. The solution to this problem is prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and eliminating the need for an abortion. Women who do not want to get pregnant, should have easy access to affordable pregnancy prevention options.

Socialism on Steroids: When democrats become the majority party and control the federal government, they have promised significant changes to appease their socialist base. They have threatened to pack the Supreme Court with socialist judges; Abolish the Electoral College; Forgive repayment of student loans; Outlaw “Right to Work” laws; Eliminate strict voter ID requirements; Immediately raise tax rates;  and Will offer new, generous benefits that would redistribute wealth from those who have it to those who would vote them into power. If these threats are allowed to become law, America  will no longer be a free Republic.

Law and Order: Safe streets, and domestic tranquility are basic civil rights, and guaranteed by the Constitution. Yet, in major cities throughout the United States, this right is denied to citizens living in poor neighborhoods that are rife with gangs, crime, drugs, and violence. In every case these cities have been governed by democrats for decades… with zero improvement in education, equality, safety, and opportunity. It should be obvious to anyone that the democrats don’t want the problems fixed, because they have deliberately ignored them for as long as they have been in power.

Free Enterprise: Donald Trump has promised economic incentives to bring back jobs from China, and other countries that manufacture critical products that are key to American health and national security. Trump promises to continue with programs that provided millions of jobs and economic prosperity in his first term. He has promised to enact a one year waiver of F.I.C.A. and Medicare taxes for employees and businesses. He supports steps to end police brutality, and restore Law and Order. He will appoint judges who support the Constitution as originally written. He has promised additional tax reductions, and elimination of punitive regulations that will create more jobs and economic prosperity.

Federal Debt and Deficits: Neither party has announced plans to reduce the size and cost of the federal government. Without radical reform of the entire federal government, the country will go bankrupt no matter which party is in control. The democrat policies will accelerate bankruptcy, and the republican policies will only delay it.

Never before have the policies of democrats and republicans been so important to the future of freedom. There will be consequences. This election is not about Trump, it is about the American Dream.