The Climate Change fanatics continue to avoid any discussion of the costs [and benefits] of their so-called solution. In a November 23rd Open Forum editorial in the Winchester Star, Nick Snow mistakenly stated that,  “James Holland fears the cost of treating this Climate-Change cancer. He fears it is too costly to act now to work for a sustainable earth…The time is now…What can we do?…Fortunately we have many solutions…Switching to renewable energy is actually cost-effective.”           For the record, I do not fear the cost of solving any crisis that America, or the earth, faces. I fear the  failure to fully debate, and test the cost, and effectiveness, of the solutions. But Climate Change fanatics obviously fear the debate because it will expose the deception that they have successfully created.  Changing the description of the issue from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”, is a monstrous deception. This name change conveniently allows the fanatics to magnify extreme climate events [Hurricanes, floods, forest fires, drought, tornadoes, rising sea  levels, melting arctic ice] to dramatize the “existential threat”. Constant “Climate Change” publicity creates the false impression that these extreme weather events can be eliminated. Nick claims that, “We have many solutions”, Yet, only one is acceptable to the fanatics: The elimination of all forms of carbon based energy [oil, gas, and coal]. Their “solution” proposes that government enact a vast new tax on these energy sources… a tax so high, and so severe that Americans will stop using gas, oil, and coal to fuel cars, trucks, planes, and power plants that generate electricity. Imagine the devastating consequences if America was forced to adopt this insanity. That’s why the fanatics don’t want any debate! They know their “solution” will be impossible to implement…that Americans will have no choice but to continue depending on these energy sources for decades into the future. The dirty little secret that they want to hide is that this is not a solution, but a deceptive way to generate massive new taxes, and a scheme for Democrats to gain political power. This unholy scheme must be thoroughly debated and exposed! Before bankrupting the country, any proposed climate change solution must be tested in a pilot program. The study must compare costs against benefits, and determine if the proposed solution will solve the problems of Climate Change…especially if the US is the only country to implement it.                                                                             Nick should propose a pilot program in Clarke County. Test the tax impact on the citizens of Clarke County to see if switching to renewables is “actually cost-effective”. The citizens will let you know what happens when you raise gas taxes, get rid of all the cows, and replace them with solar panels and windmills.                                                                                                    Concerned Americans deserve the truth: there are unlimited economic incentives for private industry to develop energy options that are realistic, and affordable… without the need for subsidies, mandates, and new taxes. Existing space technology may be the best solution: rockets capable of dispersing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

James T Holland                                                                                        Winchester, VA