It appears that by denying every GOP key witness, especially the “Whistleblower”,               Adam Schiff is guilty of obstructing his own Impeachment Inquiry. Schiff is also guilty of a coverup, trying to hide the details of the “whistleblower’s” preliminary meetings with Schiff’s staff before “blowing the whistle.” Another fundamental flaw with the Intelligence Committee’s inquiry has to do with preventing discussion of Joe Biden’s 2016 threat to withhold aid to Ukraine. Biden’s activity must be compared to Trump’s phone call to determine what is an impeachable offense, and what are the differences between Biden’s threat versus Trump’s request.

Many questions cannot be asked, or answered due to Schiff’s shutting down GOP concerns. Wasn’t Biden trying to prevent an investigation? Wasn’t Trump trying to initiate an investigation? Should Biden have been impeached? If not, why Trump? What was Biden’s purpose for the 2016 threat? What was the prosecutor investigating? What was the purpose of the $1 billion aid? Given the history of Ukrainian government corruption, was the aid used for the purpose it was intended? Did any of the aid go to the Ukrainian gas company which had just hired Biden’s son as a member of that company’s Board of Directors? Was Joe Biden considering running for President after President Obama’s second term?

If Republican witnesses are prevented from appearing before Adam Schiff’s congressional committee, then every witness that does testify should be asked a series of questions that highlight the unfairness of the proceeding, such as: “Do you know the whistleblower? Have you compared the whistleblower’s complaint with the official transcript of Trump’s phone call? Did you know that the whistleblower met with Adam Schiff’s committee before filing his complaint? Do you have any knowledge of the whistleblower-Schiff conversation? Does second hand knowledge of a phone call qualify for whistleblower status? Have you had any contact with members of this committee or anyone else to prepare for your testimony? And many more questions…

Over time, every US President has threatened one country, or another, if that country doesn’t change it’s policies, or actions that negatively impact the United States. For example: President Trump has threatened to withhold aid to South American countries that allow migrant caravans to organize and march thru their territories in order to enter the US illegally. Is this an impeachable offense? After all, if Trump is successful in preventing illegal immigration, it will help his chances for reelection.