The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is determined to impeach President Trump supposedly for what he said to the new President of Ukraine during a telephone call. Democrats claim that Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine if their new President didn’t “dig up dirt” on former Vice President Biden. An unknown government employee “Whistleblower” provided his version of the phone call to Representitive Adam Schiff, Chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee.

President Trump released the entire transcript of his phone call with the Ukrainian President. The transcript revealed that there was no threat, no mention of holding back aid, and only a request [a favor] that Ukraine investigate Biden for his 2016 activities involving corruption at Ukraine’s state owned gas company. Although the actual transcript of the phone call differed substantially from the Whistleblower’s version, Schiff’s Intel Committee launched an investigation. To date, the investigation has uncovered evidence that aid was temporarily withheld, and several witnesses have expressed their belief that the aid was tied to Ukraine’s agreement to investigate Biden. Other witnesses have expressed their opposite belief that the aid was not tied to an investigation of the Bidens.

The Ukrainian President has stated that he was unaware that aid was being withheld, and felt no pressure from Trump to investigate Biden. In fact, the aid, supposedly withheld by Trump, was released, and no Ukrainian investigation of Biden has been initiated. It is now known that the “Whistleblower”, was not a party to the Presidential phone call, that his testimony was based on third hand information, and that he met with Adam Schiff’s staff prior to “blowing the whistle.” The whistleblower’s name has not been made public. However, sources who know the name, state  that the “whistleblower” has ties to the Obama Administration, Vice President Biden, and is an activist partisan for democrats.

The investigation of Biden that Trump asked for, is based on facts, not dirt: In 2016, Biden traveled to Ukraine and made an overt threat to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian President fire a Ukrainian prosecutor [who was investigating a gas company that was suspected of corruption and money laundering]. Conveniently, Joe Biden’s son had just been added to the Ukrainian gas company’s Board of Directors. The evidence of Biden’s threat is a video recording of Biden who bragged that he made the threat and that the Prosecutor was fired as a direct result of his threat…and Ukraine received the billion dollars.

So, the American people now have a perfect way to determine whether Trump should be impeached based on his Ukrainian phone call. Compare Trump and Biden regarding aid to Ukraine. Biden made a threat, and gave Ukraine six hours to fire the prosecutor. The Ukrainian President acknowledged the threat, did what he was told, fired the prosecutor, and the aid was released.                                                                        Trump did not make a threat, but asked for a favor to investigate Biden. The new Ukrainian President was not aware of any threat, was not aware that aid was being withheld, was not pressured, and no action was taken on Trump’s request, yet Trump released the aid.

This should be the end of any impeachment investigation. Yet much more needs to be investigated, but Adam Schiff will do everything in his power to prevent it. The American people need to know more about the “whistleblower” and his activities with Schiff. How can he be a “whistleblower” on a phone call, when he had no firsthand knowledge of the phone call? This has the appearance of a leak, embellished by people who wanted to create a reason for impeachment. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Why did the “whistleblower” go to Schiff before going to the Inspector General? Did Schiff suggest that he should seek protection under the whistleblower statute? Did Schiff help in drafting the “whistleblower’s” statement? Who are the “whistleblower’s” sources on the phone call? Are they all part of a secret organized resistance to Trump?

Joe Biden says there is no evidence of wrongdoing by he or his son. Of course there has been no investigation to determine if evidence exists. The Ukrainian prosecutor was fired and whatever he was investigating has been kept secret. Shouldn’t we know the reason for the prosecutor’s firing? Was Biden acting on Obama’s orders? Did any of the billion dollars in US aid wind up in the state-owned gas company while Hunter Biden was on the Board? Is this entire impeachment process a pre-election dirty tricks tactic…meant to smear Trump to hurt his reelection chances? Or is it meant to divert attention from the coming reports on the origins of the Russian Hoax? Or is this a continuation of possibly the greatest crime in the history of the Republic? A covert attempt to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States? Ever since he was elected, Trump has been falsely accused of being a traitor, a racist, a fascist, a moron, and mentally deranged. Every democratic politician makes daily statements like: “He’s violated his Oath of Office,”… “He’s abused his power,” …”No one is above the law!”

We’ll see what they say when the truth becomes known…Any day now, the Justice Department’s Inspector General is supposed to issue his report on FBI abuse of power relative to Trump’s election. Prosecutor John Durham is now conducting a criminal investigation of pre and post election abuse, and coverup, by the CIA, the State Department, and the FBI. Both reports will be historic.

Trump’s behavior, and character are the main reasons he is disliked by many people. I understand this, but how would they react if they were innocent, and subjected to three years of a monstrous hoax? How would they react to corrupt politicians, and major news media outlets providing a constant and unrelenting barrage of smears and character slurs in an organized effort to destroy them? Maybe they would better understand Trump’s unpresidential behavior in response to these attacks.

If these investigations prove a vast criminal conspiracy by senior members of the Obama Administration, before and after Trump’s election, it will make Watergate look like child’s play…Certainly worse than any impeachable offense.