It’s an “Existential Threat!”, screamed the democratic candidates for president. Even though they were in different venues, appearing before different crowds, they all played their assigned roles with a scripted, and rehearsed warning of Climate Change disaster. While they were speaking, huge crowds were blocking streets, carrying doomsday signs, chanting about the threat of Climate Change, and that congress must urgently pass “The Green New Deal.” Even children were marching. Schools were allowing them to skip class to march, and warn about climate change.

Climate change is real, but the socialist “solution” of massive new taxes on oil, gas, and coal must be debated. This solution is not “settled science”. It is a political scheme to enact crushing new taxes on energy, and has nothing to do with solving climate change. Not one child is aware of the cost, nor are they aware of the negative economic consequences of the “solution”. They don’t have a clue. Millions of gullible adults don’t have a clue either. The gullible have been led to believe that ending fossil fuels as the world’s primary source of energy is achievable. They have been suckered into believing that oil, gas, coal… and even nuclear power… must be replaced with solar panels, windmills, ethanol, and batteries. They naively think that eliminating all fossil fuels means no more severe hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and drought. Every day there are articles, and stories of the threat of Climate Change, but not one word of the THREAT OF THE SOLUTION TO CLIMATE CHANGE. Corrupt Politicians have dramatized this non-solution in the hope they can get elected, gain power before their gullible supporters find out that they have been deceived.

There is ZERO scientific evidence that the climate will change for the better if America, alone, initiates this socialist scheme. At some point of taxation, people will riot, and revolt. Oil, gas, and coal sources of energy CANNOT BE REPLACED AT ANY COST for the foreseeable future! The world, not just the United States, needs these sources of energy. Climate Change has become a cult that needs to be exposed. Politicians, scientists, and economists must acknowledge, and communicate the devastating consequences of “The Green New Deal.” The public needs to know the truth before they vote…and commit economic suicide..

What are the real increased costs of this monstrous “solution”? How high will the  price of gas for cars and trucks have to reach before we stop using gas? What will be the cost of electricity to heat and cool our homes? How many jobs will be lost? How many businesses will close? How will it impact the stock market? How will America’s businesses be able to compete with countries that choose to remain on fossil fuels for their energy needs? How will it impact pensions and retirement plans? How many decades will it take to totally eliminate oil, gas, and coal? What is the cost of converting the existing infrastructure …houses, apartments, manufacturing plants, city services, the electrical grid, pipelines, gas stations, etc.? What will airplanes use for fuel? What will be the impact on military readiness? When will new, green energy sources be competitive in terms of cost, supply, access, relability, and acceptance by the rest of the world?  What will happen to entitlements, welfare programs, and social services if the funding impact of taxing fossil fuels decreases as fossil fuels are eliminated? How many trillions of dollars will be added to America’s national debt? How high will future taxes have to be to avoid national bankruptcy? Why aren’t other potential solutions being considered? Why haven’t we heard about the positive changes that will occur with global warming?

After decades of dependence on Mideast oil, America is finally energy independent. The energy benefits of new drilling technology have achieved strategic goals that were once thought impossible. Oil, gas, coal, and nuclear sources of energy are critical to America’s economy and national security. The potential election of Socialists, who want to destroy this energy, is a greater threat than anything else facing America.