“Racist! Racist! Racist!” Scream the corrupt politicians lusting for power. Their offensive chant is echoed, again, and again by their mindless media minions. Their collective, orchestrated, and unholy purpose is purely political. Their purpose is not to end racism, but to stimulate hate… enrage African American voters, and win elections. They could care less about inner city hopelessness. They need inner city hopelessness to convince voters that the “system” is rigged against them. They want votes, instead of solutions. For decades, corrupt politicians have deliberately ignored the deplorable conditions that inner city residents face every day: shootings, criminal gangs, drug addiction, poverty, lack of education, lack of jobs, fatherless homes, hunger, substandard housing, and countless other barriers to the American Dream.

The forgotten, and neglected citizens of inner cities need a “Marshall Plan” to reverse hopelessness. But a “Marshall Plan” with unlimited funding won’t work until the inner city streets are safe. Safe streets are the catalyst for every other action needed to end the cycle of continuous violence, and economic decline. The gangs and drug dealers cannot be defeated without a massive police presence. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has demonized police, so it may take the National Guard, with Martial Law on every street corner. It is long past time to allow corrupt politicians to call Martial Law in inner cities a racist plot. The race hustlers and their political bed fellows will make this racist charge, you can count on it. But it’s time for concerned citizens to speak up. Instead of “Reparations” for slavery, which is another lie that pandering politicians propose, knowing it will never happen, inner city residents need to demand three things: First- that government end the lawlessness, and make their neighborhoods safe [this is the first Constitutional priority of government …”establish justice” and “insure domestic tranquility”]; Second- that government provide tax, and regulatory incentives for inner city business development to create jobs and economic opportunity; and, Third- that schools provide security, discipline, and a world class curriculum to prepare inner city children with all the tools necessary to pursue the American Dream.

Imagine the breakthrough that President Trump and Congressman Cummings could achieve…working together to finally fix the problems in Baltimore. Baltimore could be a pilot program for other inner cities. Imagine the racial healing process that this would begin. A pilot program working in Baltimore could spread to all the other inner cities. This will be a game changer in race relations. When streets are safe from gangs and drugs, new businesses, and new residential housing will jump start the economy, and create good jobs.  Fathers with good jobs won’t need to turn to crime, and won’t go to prison. Teenagers won’t have to join gangs, but will get a quality education, and unlimited opportunity.

Every American deserves the protection and opportunity that is guaranteed by the Constitution. The real racists today are corrupt politicians who demonize their political opponents as racists, instigating hate, while deliberately doing nothing to solve the problems.