I am a believer in Climate change. We experience it every day. But now it has become a major political issue of the democratic party…more important than immigration, health care, and even economic prosperity. President Obama claimed that Climate Change was the greatest threat facing America…greater than Islamic terrorism, greater than Russian meddling, greater than China’s theft of American technology, and greater than Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. The democrats claim that the debate is over, that the issue is “SETTLED SCIENCE”… which cannot be debated because over 90% of the world’s scientific experts have concluded that the cause of the threat is man’s excessive use of carbon-based energy sources [oil, gas, and coal]. The experts claim that an abnormal concentration of carbon dioxide has settled in the earth’s atmosphere, and that this concentration is increasing so fast that it is causing extreme increases in the earth’s temperature. They claim that as a result of higher temperatures, Arctic, and Antarctic glaciers will continue melting at such a rapid pace that the world’s oceans will not only rise, but become hotter. This will create abnormal increases in severe weather, resulting in devastating tornados, hurricanes, floods, drought, famine, disease, and death. Today, every extreme weather event, is now blamed on climate change. Of course these events are caused by climate change, and have been forever. But the democrats want us to believe that these terrible weather disasters can be prevented if only we accepted their solution to climate change.

The democrats have only one so-called solution to the “threat”: a massive carbon taxation plan large enough to eliminate the use of all forms of carbon energy: No more oil, gas, and coal to drive our cars, heat and cool our homes, fly our planes, operate our businesses, provide the energy to live in comfort, and grow the economy. The alarmists even want to get rid of all the cows that pollute the atmosphere with cow farts.

Even if we assume that the scientists are 100% correct about global warming, there has been almost no debate about the democratic party’s solution. If the issue is global, the solution has to be global. China, the world’s worst polluter, has agreed to do something about the problem…by 2030. Democrats are calling for massive new energy taxes immediately, and these would be in addition to the tax increases to fund Medicare for All, Free College, a Guaranteed Wage, and other Socialist policies. There is zero settled Science that these tax increases will prevent any change to the climate! Today, there is a multi-trillion dollar economic incentive to develop new, cheaper, energy alternatives, but, it will take decades before these sources can be developed and decades more before they can be implemented and operational.  New energy sources also have to be affordable, abundant, accessible, and economically competitive with existing sources of energy. Otherwise, no other country will change existing energy sources without the economic incentives. Many questions need to be answered: What happens to ocean temperatures and sea levels if China, Russia, India, and all the other nations refuse to stop using oil, gas and coal for their energy needs? How high do gas taxes have to rise before people stop driving cars? The French rioted when their gas prices increased to $7 per gallon. What happens when we can’t use gas to drive our cars and trucks? Who controls the energy tax revenues? Where does the tax money go? Why don’t the democrats insist on nuclear power to reduce carbon emissions? Why haven’t they discussed the cost? Why haven’t they discussed the positive impact of global warming? [Think of the millions of acres of new land that became available  when the North American glaciers melted during the last ice age].

Our weather is mainly determined by the sun’s impact on the earth as it rotates around the Sun. Weather is further influenced by wind patterns and the movement of the jet streams, by ocean currents, by volcano eruptions, by earthquakes, by movement of the earth’s crust, by the amount of trees and forests in the world, and many other natural influences. Settled science cannot predict, much less, control these natural events. There is no settled science that can eliminate, or mitigate the severity of hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, and floods. In fact, there is very little about this issue that is “settled”. For thousands of years, Glaciers formed, and melted long before man had anything to do with it.

But one key issue is settled. It isn’t even scientific. If Americans are duped by politicians preaching “the Green New Deal”, they will create economic suicide. The democratic solution is just another socialist deception. The Socialists want to tax capitalism out of existence so they can gain power to govern America. Without affordable, dependable, and abundant  energy that now exists, the economy will crash, jobs will disappear, people will die from hunger, cold, and heat…and America will be ruined.