Freedom is the sole reason that America has become the greatest country on earth. It was the reason for the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the establishment of Constitutional government. Yet freedom is in danger today. Freedom will not last if Socialism is allowed to gain more government power. Socialism is a direct threat to freedom because it gradually destroys the freedom-based incentives to succeed, micromanaging the country with punitive taxes, mindless spending, and costly regulations. Socialist policy has been creeping into government policy for decades. By limiting the rewards of freedom, and increasing the costs of freedom, Socialism limits economic prosperity, limits job creation, and limits opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

Today’s Socialist strategy is to gain political power with deception, and temptation. Deception begins with the Socialist claim that the rich are not paying their “fair share”. Fairness is never defined, debated, or explained. How America became the greatest country on earth is never taught in schools. Freedom unleashes the energy, creativity, and ingenuity of Americans. The rewards are so great that the standard of living for every American, even if they have no income, is the envy of the world. That is why millions of poor migrants are walking thousands of miles to gain entry into the United States.

The temptation of Socialism is powerful, loaded with promises of government benefits that will be paid for by “the rich”. Socialists deceive whole sectors of the population with the lure of benefits that others will pay for. The irony of this “class warfare” strategy is that it is self defeating: The Socialist promises of benefits are already so excessive that government taxes too much, regulates too much and spends too much. As a result, business success is diminished, jobs become scarce, investors refuse to invest, the economy tanks, and there is not much profit left to tax. The Socialist policies of the Obama Administration doubled the federal debt in only eight years. It is now $22 trillion and growing by billions of dollars per day. The Trump Administration has reversed the punitive socialist policies of overtaxation and costly regulations, but has so far failed to deal with overspending. Spending constraints will only come from bipartisan efforts, but that cooperation is unlikely with the Socialists gaining control of the House of Representatives.

Aside from bankrupting the country, Socialism is deliberately divisive. Socialists are  dividing Americans based on income, race, gender, religion, sexual preference, country of origin, union affiliation, political affiliation, marital status, age, abortion rights, climate change, and other identities, or issues. The threat of Socialism in America has become even greater because the Democratic party has been infected with Socialists. Democrats have become proponents of Socialism in order to gain power. Democrats are now calling for a “Green New Deal” that would miraculously “manage” climate change, and cause unbearable cost increases affecting every American; “Medicare For All” that would replace all private health insurance plans; Free College for everyone, regardless of cost, curriculum, or quality; Increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour, which would increase teenage unemployment, and bankrupt low margin businesses; A Guaranteed Government Income even if someone chooses not to work; Open Borders, making it impossible to manage who gains access to America, and bankrupting a host of welfare programs for actual citizens; Amnesty for Illegal “immigrants”; Unlimited Abortion Rights; Granting voting rights to 16 year olds; Packing the Supreme Court with six new Socialist Justices; Abolishing the Electoral College System; Watering down Voter ID requirements, making it difficult to determine a person’s right to vote; and Raising tax rates on corporations and wealthy individuals, which would damage the entire economy. Every one of these democratic  policies is Socialism on Steroids! Not one of these Socialist policies will benefit economic growth, or reduce the debt. Every one will increase the debt. No amount of taxation will be enough to fund even half of it.

Government dictated Socialism should not be confused with a social safety net, nor social justice, nor social compassion. Socialism is not safe, is not just, nor is it compassionate. It is a guaranteed road to ruin because when Socialism’s promises fail, as they surely will, their leaders invariably turn to dictatorship and total government control.