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I’m glad the midterm election is over. Television ads overwhelmed us with smears, exaggerations, and lies… meant to divide…not unite. What a shame!

There is no question that republican tax and regulation incentives for corporations and investors resulted in a booming economy, an abundance of jobs, and rising wage rates. Yet, in spite of these positive results, the republicans were pathetically unsuccessful in communicating their message.  Republicans failed to convince voters that Trump’s support for republican policies is far more important to America’s economic success than Trump’s confrontational style. As a result, republicans lost support among women, Blacks, Latinos, and college students.

The democrats were highly successful communicating their three deceptive messages: [1] That republicans will take away health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions; [2] That the republican tax cuts only helped rich people and corporations; and [3] That Donald Trump is a horrible President that must be resisted. Democrats effectively implemented their divisive strategy of “Identity Politics” whereby voters were led to believe that republicans were racist, anti-woman, anti-gay, and opposed to social justice. The democrats had a huge advantage in communicating their message: Favorable news coverage from 90% of the national news media, plus support from college professors, well known actors, musicians and entertainers, and public employee unions.

The scary part of political communication is that facts can be easily distorted, ignored, and redefined to the point where a significant number of voters are deceived. Americans have become victims of both political parties because partisan politics has prevented a united effort to solve social and economic issues. Our founding fathers stressed the importance of limited government, but failed to impose term limits on congress. That failure has had significant negative consequences. Congressional politicians are so focused on their reelection, that they ignore their fundamental legislative duties. No one holds them accountable for balancing the budget. Instead,  for decades, politicians have continued to promise attractive benefits and entitlements to buy votes. These promises cannot be kept! These selfish politicians have created a monstrosity of future unfunded liabilities that will eventually bankrupt the country. They have allowed government to become so big that it is unmanageable.

This unmanageable problem can be overcome if America reforms it’s public education system. Education is the formative ingredient for sustaining the country’s ability to perpetuate Individual Freedom. The system is failing to educate students on history, economics, civics, and the role of government in a free Republic. Students need to know more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. They also need to be aware of: the economic threat of federal debt and deficits; the need for military readiness, and cybersecurity; the importance of economic growth to fund social programs; the need for immigration reform to increase the base of workers who will pay taxes and fund Social Security; the basic incentives required to create jobs; the need for real health care reform that lowers cost, and improves quality; and the need for environmental protection that does not damage economic growth. The economy needs to be strong enough to pull people out of welfare, and into the American Dream.

Every single social and economic problem can be solved if Americans are united. An overwhelming percentage of citizens can agree on the goals. We disagree on how we get there because problem solving is polluted by politics.