Unlike the separation of church and state, our founding fathers didn’t see the threat of Socialism… because it didn’t exist then. Otherwise, they would have separated Socialism and state too. Socialism is a greater threat than terrorism, because corrupt politicians  deceive Americans with false promises of government benefits to solve every social and economic need: free health care, free college, subsidized housing, government guaranteed wages, sanctuary cities, politically determined justice, and fairness… all provided by a government powered by socialists. Barack Obama’s policies were all socialist. In his eight years of presidential power, the national debt almost doubled. The Obama economy was pathetic. Obama’s policies were anti-business. His high taxes and mindless regulations smothered investment incentives, limited job creation, and severely damaged the American Dream. The Obama Administration politicized every agency including the IRS, the EPA, the NLRB, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  the Justice Department, the FBI, and even the CIA. Today’s Socialist threat is greater than at any time in America’s history because the democratic party has been taken over by socialists… resisting everything, spreading hate, smears and fears thru allies in the news media, the entertainment industry, and the entire education system. A perfect example of this threat is the behavior of Democratic Senators, in organized coordination with their socialist media allies, doing their dirtiest to smear Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and prevent him from becoming the next Justice of the Supreme Court. They made a mockery of the judicial confirmation process. The socialist smear campaign began before any testimony, before any evidence was presented, when all democrats said they believed her. Unbelievably, the democrats claimed that it was up to  Judge Kavanaugh to prove his innocence. What nonsense! The democrats used a 36 year-old, sexual assault accusation by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to smear Kavanaugh! They purposely held back the accusation for weeks, waiting until after the confirmation hearing was over to announce it, and demanded a new hearing. There was no mention of an alleged assault until Kavanaugh was in consideration to be nominated for the Supreme Court. Dr. Ford supposedly told a therapist of the incident decades later during marriage counseling, naming four boys as her assaulters, but not naming Kavanaugh. She conveniently, or not, forgot every detail that could have proved his innocence: the location; the date; how she learned of the party; why she went to the party; what she did before the party; the activities that took place at the party before the claimed assault; what she did after the claimed assault; how she left the party; and what she did in the days after the party. She provided conflicting dates: first recalling that the incident took place in the middle eighties, then the early eighties, and finally, it must have been in the summer of 1982. On the other hand, she maintained that her memory was absolutely clear regarding the five other people who were at the party, and details of the alleged assault.                                                                                                           Investigators were limited to the only evidence available to support her accusation: Interviews with those who were alleged to be at the party.                                                                                                            Every one of the people she named to be at the party were interviewed, under oath, and not one supported her accusation. Even her best friend, the other girl supposedly at the party, testified under oath that she didn’t know Kavanaugh, and didn’t recall any such party. Furthermore, prior to her hearing, she lied to the Judiciary Committee twice. She claimed a fear of flying to delay her testimony, and she denied knowledge of the Judiciary Committee’s willingness to interview her at her California home. Contrary to what many court experts claimed, this hearing was not a “she said-he said” dispute. It became, “she said versus what her eye witnesses said”. It was not just a “preponderance of evidence” that supported Judge Kavanaugh, it was “ALL OF THE EVIDENCE.” He is unequivocally innocent of her false claim. Senator Whitehouse hit bottom when he analyzed Brett Kavanaugh’s high school annual. He should have analyzed Christine Ford’s high school annual [it contains some very revealing information.] Democratic high school hypocrisy is overwhelming, especially when you consider Barack Obama’s high school revelations: Obama admitted, “I spent the last two years of high school in a daze, locking away the questions that life seemed insistent on imposing. I kept playing basketball, attended classes sparingly, drank beer heavily, and tried drugs enthusiastically.” When it came to Obama, democrats said high school and college records were irrelevant and none of our business. Dr. Ford’s testimony was, and is, hailed by democrats as credible and sympathetic without one shed of evidence. It reminds me of another “credible” person. Whenever Barack Obama spoke, he sounded credible. People believed him…”you can keep your Doctor; you can keep your health insurance; your insurance premiums will decrease by $2,500/year; this plan won’t add one dime to the deficit, etc,”…all lies. But people still believe him because he seemed so credible. I am also reminded of another false claim against two managers of a Winchester, VA  company some years ago. The claim was “sexual harassment” made by a female employee. All of her female coworkers refuted her claim, even stating that she was the one guilty of sexual harassment. Nevertheless, she obtained a local lawyer, who took the case on contingency. When the company refused to pay an exorbitant amount to settle out of court, the names of the two managers somehow became a story in the local papers. The case went to court, and after many delays and excuses, the court awarded the company a judgement of $250,000 against the claimant, and a judgement of $13,500 against her lawyer. At a cost of approximately $300,000, the company had to hire three lawyers to fight the claim: one for each of the two managers, and one for the company. The company never collected a dime of either judgement, but worse, the two good managers were smeared, and no mention of their innocence was ever published. Several observations come to mind as I think back on this shameful display of political smears, lies, and disruption: Senator Susan Collins should be awarded the Medal of Freedom for her courage, and brilliant analysis of right and wrong; Senator Lisa Murkowski should be awarded something for her high standard of “perfect temperament” for seekers of a seat on the Supreme Court. However, only one person in history could meet her high standard, and that person is seated at the Right Hand Of GOD. Senator Lindsey Graham is a hero for calling out his power hungry, despicable democratic “colleagues” for their willingness to destroy a man and his family’s life…and their willingness to ignore a bedrock of American freedom…a person is innocent until proven guilty. Senator McConnell showed  skill, patience, and decency in his position as Senate Majority Leader. Senator Hirono managed to make Nancy Pelosi look intelligent. America is at risk. I believe we are in our second civil war, and no one seems to notice. We could solve any problem if we are united. Sadly, the democratic political strategy is deliberately divisive.  Their scheme to regain political power is to divide Americans based on income, age, gender, race, sexual preference, and other identities which can provide votes. This strategy is known as “Identity Politics”. Think about their divisive “Identity” strategies: Democrats want African Americans to think republicans are racists even though all inner cities are poorly governed by democrats, and nothing has been done for decades to end the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Democrats want Latinos to think republicans are against all immigrants even though it was democrats that prevented solutions to the immigration problem when they had overwhelming control of congress and the presidency during Obama’s first two years as President. Democrats want environmentalists to think republicans are against climate change when the real problem is the democratic solution to climate change: huge new taxes on oil, gas, and coal, destroying America’s economy, and having zero impact on the environment. Democrats want the poor and disadvantaged to believe republicans are against minimum wages and welfare, when democratic policies are preventing economic growth and prosperity that would bring high wages and funding for all welfare programs. Democrats want students to believe that socialist government policies will solve all economic and social problems, yet their allies in the education system have prevented students from learning the  failure of socialism, everywhere it has infected governments. Democrats want women to believe republicans would destroy women’s health care, yet the democrats do not mention that prevention of unwanted pregnancies is a viable  solution to “women’s health care.”  Democrats demonize the separation of babies from their illegal immigrant mothers, while at the same time they support the separation of babies from their mother’s womb. The biggest risk to freedom, and the American Dream is that hatred of Donald Trump will blind voters to the threat of Socialism. Democratic lies and smears continue against Justice Kavanaugh, in direct contradiction of the evidence. Hopefully, enough Americans will see the hypocrisy and evil that a coordinated campaign of smears, fear mongering, and roving, black hooded mobs can create. The economy is booming. Voters can prevent Nancy Pelosi and her socialist colleagues from destroying it.