The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Wolf! Wolf! Armageddon! The end of women’s  health care! Crumbs! The death of democracy! Russia, Russia, Russia! Separation of children! Nazis! Fascists! Racists! Liars! Tax cuts for the rich! Crumbs! Climate Change! Gun Control! Protest! Surround the Capital with your bodies!

In case you haven’t heard, the midterm elections are coming, and the hysterical scare tactics are on overdrive. The democrats would have us believe that the most important issue of our lifetime is to impeach Trump…and never mind the booming economy, historically low unemployment rates, job creation, wage growth, etc.

Sadly, too many people fall victim to this fear-mongering deception. In November, a misinformed person may vote based on impeachment without regard to the economic consequences. If enough do, Nancy Pelosi will become Speaker of the House, and resist every policy that President Trump supports. Or, informed voters may choose to elect enough Republicans to keep Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker of the house, and continue implementing policies that promote jobs, and economic growth.

Other than Trump and Pelosi, the policy positions on key issues are so starkly different that voters can easily choose which party should be in power. The choice is between Democrats that support government controlled Socialism, or Republicans that support the Free Enterprise System. Voters are not stupid. They can determine the importance of policy over personality. Economic Growth is the most critical issue because it determines the funding that will be available to support all other issues: National security, health care, welfare, environmental protection, job creation, and the American Dream are all dependent on economic prosperity.

There is now overwhelming evidence that tax cuts and regulation relief for businesses have created a strong economy. A strong economy creates jobs and wage growth.  For the first time in decades, there are more jobs available than workers to fill them. Consumer confidence in the economy is surging.

Democrats do not have a single policy that supports economic growth…not one. Instead, Democrats are proposing a $15 minimum wage, free health care for all, free college, open borders, sanctuary cities, and a huge new tax that they never discuss. The Democratic solution to Climate Change is to impose new taxes on oil, gas, and coal. Their idea is to make the costs of driving our cars, and heating our homes so high that we will reduce our use of oil, gas, and coal. Of course this is nonsense. It can’t be done. That is why they never discuss the cost. It is another deception. America could be papered with windmills and solar panels, and the impact on the climate would be negligible. A reliable, cost-competitive substitute for oil, gas and coal is not yet available, and won’t be for decades.

After almost two years of the Special Counsel’s investigation, there is no evidence of Trump-Russia “collusion,”and no evidence that President Trump fired the FBI Director to ‘obstruct’ justice. However, evidence is growing that senior officials of the CIA, FBI, and Justice Department conspired against Trump, and set in motion an “insurance policy” to undermine his presidency. Imagine the unintended consequences if the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s investigation determines that Russian Collusion was a hoax, a deliberate scheme to overthrow a president. Stay tuned, this could be the greatest scandal in the history of our country.