In addition to resisting every Trump proposal and policy, the Democratic reelection playbook is based on Class Warfare, challenging the benefits of tax cuts and regulation reforms that Republicans implemented in Trump’s first year in office. Since the Democratic Party has no plan to create economic prosperity and jobs, they are stuck with the Class Warfare strategy of Socialism. This strategy is based on convincing voters that [1], we are victims of an unfair government policy that favors rich people and large corporations, and [2] if we vote for Democrats, the rich will be taxed and their wealth will be redistributed to pay for benefits that will go to us.

Class Warfare is inherently evil, because it’s fundamental purpose is to gain control of government by exploiting the best and worst characteristics of human nature. Socialists exploit the best in people with sanctimonious promises that manipulate a person’s natural wish to do good, convincing compassionate voters that only the government can help the less fortunate among us. Socialists stimulate the worst in people by stoking the fires of envy, and the desire to take what others have.                                                                                                              At it’s very core, Class Warfare is evil because it undermines the founding principles that created the greatest country on earth: that every American is free to pursue his or her dreams, and that there are no limits on the dreams of a free people. Class Warfare limits the American Dream.

Class Warfare is deliberately divisive: It is the cornerstone of the Democratic Party’s “identity politics” strategy for winning elections: The political intent is to create division and anger. Class Warfare targets wealthy people and large corporations, who are demonized with passionate rhetoric calling for “fairness” and demands that the rich pay punitively higher taxes. Fairness is never defined, and the “rich” are always described as multimillionaires and billionaires. Of course there is no mention that almost 50% of the working population pay no federal income taxes at all…

Class Warfare is deliberately deceptive: Because it purposely fails to mention it’s devastating impact on freedom, opportunity, economic growth, and jobs. Deceived voters learn too late that Class Warfare ultimately results in an inability of government to fund it’s false promises.

Class Warfare is economically destructive: It destroys business incentives. It overtaxes the profits of free enterprise, and increases the costs of free enterprise…creating a mindless, negative economic environment. It limits job creation and unnecessarily expands the welfare population. It limits the ability of American businesses to compete in a global economy. This is why corporations move from high tax states to low tax states, and sometimes even out of the country.

Class Warfare ignores the costs, and benefits of government-provided social programs: Socialists cannot gain power without promising something for nothing to potential voters. The result has been a significant increase in underfunded government benefits, and more benefits are being offered by Socialist politicians every day: free college, higher minimum wages, free health care, paid time off, expanded unemployment benefits, etc. Every year, the federal government must borrow billions of dollars to fund benefits that cannot be paid for without additional debt. This economic insanity will bankrupt the country in the not too distant future. When that day comes, funds for every social benefit will be drastically cut.

Class Warfare is government-sponsored discrimination. The rich are the only minority whose freedom is not protected by the government. Class Warfare is anti-American because government’s main responsibility is to protect freedom, including the freedom of the rich.

Socialist politicians never discuss the positive impact of the rich. The rich pay the majority of taxes, provide jobs across the economic spectrum, are the leading contributors to charity, are actively involved in civic service, and have a significant impact on a higher standard of living for everyone.

It is a travesty that American public schools don’t teach the negative history of Socialism compared with the positive history of Freedom. Class Warfare is the catalyst for Socialist government policy, which limits freedom through high taxes, out-of-control spending, and overregulation. Freedom is the catalyst for prosperity, and opportunity for everyone.