I recently published a summary from my last Post, “2018 Midterm Election,” in my local newspaper, the “Winchester Star.” It was well received except for a nasty rebuttal that could have been written by the Democratic National Committee. The rebuttal gave me an opportunity to clarify my position on the upcoming election, and today I share it with you.

“In response to Chris Wiegard’s deliberate mischaracterization of my Open Forum remarks, I feel compelled to set the record straight . He ignored the issues and made statements that twisted the truth. His false statement that I believe “Democrats are evil and Trump is a great leader,” is classic political smear and spin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Half of my family and half of my friends are Democrats. We need each other. I believe that Americans of every political persuasion can resolve any issue if we are united. Divided, we will never solve the issues.

I do believe that Socialism is evil, that it gradually destroys freedom. But that discussion will have to wait. The Democratic party that I once supported is gone. Democrats that support the right to life, prevention of illegal immigration, a sensible energy policy, and tax cuts for job creators, are not welcome in today’s Democratic party.

I was surprised to read that Mr. Wiegard has discovered the rising national debt. He seems concerned and blames it on Trump. Not surprising is that he ignored the fact that the debt doubled under President Obama.

I said,“Voters are not stupid, they are just uninformed, and misinformed.” I did not say “Blame the Voters.” It is vitally important that very voter be informed on issues.

Mr. Wiegard went out of his way to distort my views on Climate Change. Calling the issue, “Climate Change” is intentionally misleading, implying that every severe weather event to be the result of man. Nature’s impact on climate change is never discussed. The positive impact of Global Warming is never discussed. Thousands of years ago, Nature’s warming, not man, caused glaciers that covered much of North America to melt. The result was to make millions of acres blossom into new fields of grass, with lakes, rivers, trees, shrubs, and flowers, teeming with wildlife. Visit Montana, or Canada, and you can see it with your own eyes. The Democratic “solution” to Climate Change is to commit economic suicide by enacting a massive new energy tax on oil, gas, and coal. There is no discussion of the devastating economic impact these taxes will have  on all Americans. Worst of all, there is zero proof that these new taxes will improve the climate at all.”

James T Holland