Alas, the delusional democrats are coming to realize that there is no evidence of Trump’s election campaign collusion with Russia. The democrats are also learning that Donald Trump did not obstruct any FBI investigation. So democratic strategy is now focused on total opposition to the TAX CUTS and JOBS ACT of 2017. Under Barack Obama, the nation’s debt doubled from ten trillion dollars to twenty trillion in only eight years. After ignoring the debt entirely, the democrats now demonize the new law claiming that it will add one trillion to the debt over the next ten years. Hypocrites? That claim will be proved wrong.                                                                                                       Sadly, the democratic party has sunk so low, that their future election hopes are based on smears, distortion, and outright lies. This is the same party that told Americans they could keep their doctor, that their health premiums would decrease by $2,500/year, and other whoppers. They still think Americans are stupid. Democrats do not have any proposal to create jobs, grow the economy, reduce the national debt, and make government efficient. Their puppets in the news media have become so immersed in Socialist ideology that they have no idea why, or how, America became the greatest nation on earth.

Republicans make a huge mistake claiming the Tax Cut and Jobs Act is mainly for the “middle class.” It is much more than that. It is for all Americans because it revitalizes America’s economy. It makes American corporations, and small businesses competitive in a global economy. It provides huge incentives for entrepreneurs and businesses to grow, expand, invest, and locate in America. Economic growth, job creation, wage gains, and the standard of living for every American will be significantly improved. The huge stock market boom that began the day after Donald Trump’s election is overwhelming evidence that tax cuts, regulation relief, and a business friendly government will benefit every American. 52% of US adults are invested in the stock market, many through corporate pension plans. The value of those plans has already soared. New opportunities for those without pension plans, and without jobs will quickly develop as American business becomes more free from government micromanagement. Opportunity for all will be much greater than that available under the socialist policies of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer.

The Free Enterprise System is the catalyst that provides salaries, wages, bonuses, pensions, health insurance, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, sick leave pay, vacation pay, and holiday pay for American employees. The Free Enterprise System is the catalyst that creates the taxpayers that fund everything that government provides. Virtually every government job and program depends on the success of private employers, big and small. Not one entitlement program can exist without American businesses, and their employees. Yet, democratic politicians are desperate to hide this truth, because it exposes their anti-business, anti-American, socialist, class warfare strategy for what it is: A DELIBERATE, CALCULATING LIE that divides the country, and ruins the economy.

Republicans must move on to other reforms because much more needs to be done.  They must revise Senate rules that mindlessly bind their ability to fix the mess that decades of political stupidity have created. The “Byrd Rule” is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and totally worthless. If it was effective, federal debt would be decreasing, not exploding out of control. The main problem causing deficits and massive debt is out-of-control spending, especially entitlements. Entitlement reform must be enacted to save these programs. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are all projected to go bankrupt in a few years.                                                           There are three keys to reform: First, is adusting eligibility to correlate with longer life spans; Second, is means testing so that wealthier beneficiaries pay more for their benefits; and Third, is strict oversight of each program to identify waste, abuse, and opportunities to improve.                                                                                     America can no longer afford nonessential programs that consume funding that should be used for America’s priorities. Every single non-essential program must be eliminated. Maintenance of military equipment has been delayed due to lack of funds. Training of military personnel has been reduced due to lack of funds.  Infrastructure funding is needed.  Bridges, roads, and the electric grid need to be repaired and upgraded. Cybersecurity capabilities need to be a high priority which requires new funding. Welfare programs must be consolidated and managed so that vital funds get to where they are most needed, and all disincentives to work are eliminated.

Congress has to do it’s job.