The current debate about tax reform has exposed the sorry state of politics in America today. The American people continue to be the losers in this debate, because for decades, economic growth has been limited due to bad tax policy, reckless spending policy, mindless Congressional rules, and unrelenting deception. The Senate has tied itself into knots with restrictive rules that prevent its ability to do its job. Republicans can’t agree on the size of tax cuts, distribution of tax cuts, timing of tax cuts, and which tax deductions to keep, or eliminate. Lost in the debate is the underlying purpose for tax reform: The need to provide incentives for businesses and entrepreneurs to, [1] Grow the economy, [2] Locate in America, [3] Create jobs, [4] Make American businesses competitive in global markets, and [5] Generate a strong catalyst for wage increases.

A group of republican senators are threatening to vote against the tax reform proposal using the excuse that it will increase the national debt. They are deceiving themselves and their constituents. Could it be that their real reason is their animosity towards Donald Trump? If so, are they willing to damage the country to prevent Trump from any success? The national debt will explode if congress doesn’t dramatically stimulate the forces that grow the economy.

A perfect example of bad government policy is the current tax code, which is a monstrosity with almost 74,000 pages of waivers, carveouts,and special interest favors.  97% of all income taxes are paid by 50% of American taxpayers, many of whom are mislabeled as “The Rich”. Over 45% of American households do not pay federal income taxes. The tax code is so absurd that Millions of Americans get income tax refunds even though they pay no taxes! The tax code is unfair…from top to bottom. 

Democratic politicians have duped millions of democrats, and thousands of millennials into becoming the enemy of free enterprise, and the main obstacle to economic growth. These politicians preach their socialist doctrine of “fairness”, “tax the rich”, and “corporate greed”. Their divisive accusations are deliberately deceptive using class warfare: Claiming the rich don’t pay their fair share, that corporations exploit their workers, and that we, the non-rich, are all victims of the rich. The deception is truly evil because it is based on one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” [ENVY] and encourages the desire to take what others have earned. The democratic party’s negative impact on economic growth does not end with bad tax policy. Democratic politicians also divide Americans on spending policy: Democrats support a $15 minimum wage; paid “family leave”; free college; open borders; sanctuary cities; ObamaCare; subsidies and mandates for renewable energy; and an expansion of eligibility for a multitude of welfare benefits. Not one of these socialist policies is intended to grow the economy.  Every one of these policies is an attempt to buy votes and gain power. Millions of well-meaning people, wanting nothing more than to do good, have fallen into the socialist trap. The irony of this strategy to gain power is that it won’t help the people that the socialists claim to be helping. Entitlements and every other social program need funding. Americans need good paying jobs. The economy needs nonpartisan, common sense policies to grow. The economy cannot reach its growth potential without massive reform of tax policy, spending policy, and regulation reform. Only then, can the creative energy and ingenuity of America be unleashed.

Both political parties have created a tax and spend recipe for economic stagnation and eventual disaster. The American Dream is out of reach for a majority of young Americans. The freedoms we enjoy are not free. Fairness means that everyone must pay taxes. Everyone. We cannot survive as a free country when 45% of households do not pay income taxes. Tax rates higher than 20% are excessive and confiscatory. No one, no matter how rich, should pay more. Congress is trusted with the responsibility of managing the budget and ensuring [our highest priority] that we have the resources to remain free.                                                                                                                                          They have failed…year after year!                                                                                           Spending policy must be the next political priority. Entitlements must be reformed. At a minimum, these programs must be means-tested and adjusted for longer life spans. A recent research report on health and aging predicts that 50% of babies born today will live to an average age of 104.

ENOUGH! The time for term limits is long past due.