The national news media has not identified the group behind the effort to remove Confederate monuments. Surely they know. Proponents of Confederate monument removal would have us believe that doing so will end reminders of slavery, and racism.  Could it be that the real reason is to generate conflict, and light the fuse of racism…not end it? Don’t be surprised if the ultimate goal is to gain democratic votes for the next election and beyond.

The violence in Charlottesville was inexcusable. I don’t understand why the neo-nazis were allowed to march on the grounds of the University of Virginia when their permit was limited to the park where Robert E. Lee’s “offensive” statue was prominently located. They marched at night with torches, while chanting hate speech. Why weren’t they arrested, jailed, and fined for disturbing the peace? There is video of these thugs.  Why did the police allow the violence to begin? This tragedy could have been prevented. A spokesman for the ACLU reported that the police were held back because they didn’t have the authority to act. If this is true, it should be investigated, and responsible parties held accountable.

In case you haven’t heard, the anti-protest in Charlottesville included a group of radical socialist extremists who carried weapons and intended to do harm. These thugs need to be exposed for their political agenda. They are just as dangerous as neo-nazis. They are a disrupting influence on university campuses, town hall meetings, and political rallys everywhere. Because of a democratic media bias, the entire disgraceful episode has been turned into an anti-Trump tirade.

We can destroy statues, rewrite the history books, and remove all other symbols that may offend, yet not one problem will be solved. Especially the problem of inner city hopelessness.  Corrupt politicians have deliberately ignored the deplorable conditions that inner city residents face every day: shootings, criminal gangs, drug addiction, poverty, lack of education, lack of jobs, fatherless homes, hunger, substandard housing, and countless other barriers to the American Dream. This is the real source of racism today!

Where is the outrage over the lawless carnage in the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, and other cities? If “Black Lives Matter”, why are there no marches in the streets when the overwhelming percentage of shootings do not involve the police?   Why isn’t the Black Congressional Caucus screaming for police protection?

Does anyone in America believe that the suffering residents of inner cities will feel relieved after the last statue comes down? These forgotten and neglected citizens need a “Marshall Plan” to reverse hopelessness. In addition to safe streets, the minimum wage must be waived for teenagers, discipline must be restored in schools, the “Right To Work” must be public policy for employees of public schools, and tax incentives should be offered to businesses that locate in inner cities.

Every American deserves the protection and opportunity that is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is time to stop the political blame game, and unite for the good of the country.