Based on five weeks of protests, obstruction, smears, and jeers, it is obvious that the Democrats have no intention of working with the new administration…EVER. The democrats have no plan to improve the economy, fight terrorism, provide a quality education to inner city children, make government efficient, or anything else. They are using every tool, including government workers and the mainstream media, to prevent Trump from succeeding. Instead of developing policies to solve America’s problems, Democrats have chosen to foment fear and anger to further divide the country. They are missing an incredible opportunity to unite the country behind policies that would actually improve the lives of every American.

In spite of this massive effort to fight his every move, I think that Donald Trump will succeed in substantially improving the economy.  Significant across-the-board tax reduction, reform of punitive and costly regulations, and increasing the supply of cheap energy will combine to bring economic prosperity.   However, the country will never achieve it’s potential until the poisonous Socialist movement is exposed and defeated. Socialism is the enemy of freedom, and will never work as government policy.  Imagine the good that proponents of Socialism could do if they put their time, effort, and money behind privately funded projects. They could easily do this in a free country.  It’s called charity.  But the dirty little secret is that the Socialists want power, and they plot to get it by promising something for nothing to a vulnerable society.  Something for nothing is an intoxicating incentive to vote for Socialists.

In addition to restoring economic prosperity, revitalizing military capability, and exposing the threat of Socialism, the Trump Administration can truly make “America Great Again” if it succeeds in solving one critical problem:

Bureaucratic Bloat and Inefficiency-

The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States provides a summary of the federal government’s basic missions: ” Establish Justice; Insure Domestic Tranquility; Provide for the Common Defense; Promote [not provide] the General Welfare; and Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity.”

Sadly, over decades of political ineptitude and neglect, the federal government has expanded into areas far beyond what government should be doing. The government is now involved in so many nonessential activities, that valuable resources are wasted and government functions are now impossible to manage. Therefore, a host of nonessential agencies and activities must be eliminated. Eliminating the nonessential will provide more than enough funding for the many essential functions of government.  But that is not enough.  Every essential agency of government must operate with efficiency. This cannot be done without a change in government employment rules and regulations. Civil Service rules need to be revised to allow termination of non-productive employees. Revision of these rules should also include an ability to reward productive employees … for cost savings, efficiency improvements, and prevention of government waste that they identify and eliminate. Government employment regulations must outlaw, or marginalize, federal public employee unions, by guaranteeing a “Right to Work” for all federal workers, refusing to collect union dues for federal employees, and ending negotiation with a public employee bargaining unit that is covered by Civil Service Rules.