Where are the plans to fix America’s many problems?  Terrorism?  Job Creation?  Punitive Taxes and Regulation? Out of Control Spending?  Health Care?  Immigration?  American Dream? Education?  Environment? Government Debt?  Entitlements? Welfare?  Foreign Relations?  Politicization of Federal Agencies: IRS, EPA, NLRB, Justice Department, and many more…The problems are overwhelming, yet many politicians pretend that they don’t exist.                                                                                                  Now that most of the 2016 presidential candidates have declared, its time to revisit the key issues needing attention and how the candidates propose to fix them.  I’m very concerned about our government, 
Everything is going in the wrong direction.  

The economy is depressed,
 and there has been no effort by the Obama Administration to fix it.
We are at war with radical Islam…
Don’t know how to fight it.
…Can’t even define the enemy.
We are in another war.
..And aren’t even aware of it.
Socialism is the enemy… 
And we are losing this war.
Socialist politicians…are trying to 
tax and regulate all behavior, putting
 government in control of everything.
The American Dream is disappearing…
 The loss of freedom has been staggering.
It’s not too late to fix things.
..                                                                          Before we can fix…we have to understand…and we need to take action!
Dramatic incentives are required for job creation and economic growth.
The time has come for a new… Contract With America:

[1]  America should become a tax haven to the world.
Today, US Corporate and Individual Income tax rates are so high
 that they depress economic growth and innovation.  
Ronald Reagan cut the maximum tax rate to 28% and initiated a twenty year economic boom. 
 More dramatic action is needed now. 

Why not cut corporate and all other income tax rates to a maximum of 15%? The rate that’s good enough for Warren Buffet ought to be good for every American. 
And every American should be paying income taxes. 50% of wage earners are not earning enough to pay.
  There is a huge danger to freedom and prosperity when so many people don’t have good jobs…they lose hope…and they think that there is nothing they can do.  But they can. They can get involved. They can learn from states that have strong economies, and understand the policies that generate economic growth. They need to know that 
low tax rates attract new businesses, expand existing businesses, and create jobs.

[2] Government must become a partner with business, not an adversary.
 Government needs to become business-friendly.

The people need to know that any government regulation that adds cost and complexity to business should be rewritten or replaced. 

 Start with ObamaCare.
  ObamaCare is the most deceptive, disruptive, divisive,
 and economically destructive pack of lies ever enacted in my lifetime. 
This abominable law does nothing to improve health care.  
Everything about it was a lie…your doctor; your plan…the cost…
the negative impact on jobs…one size fits all mandates…and new taxes.

 The law was over 2,000 pages,
 the regulations are over 20,000 pages

And the most onerous provisions have been postponed, delayed, and temporarily waived…                                                                                                                                                   There are many other laws that not only do not achieve their goal, but create new problems that reduce American business’s ability to compete.                                  Laws aren’t the only job killers…many regulations are worse, especially those coming from the Environmental Protection Agency.

[3] End frivolous lawsuits that are nothing more than legalized extortion. 

Surprisingly, most people don’t know that lawsuit abuse adds costs to every US business.  A major reason that health care costs are out of control is because lawsuit abuse adds billions of dollars in extra health care costs each year… [defensive medicine]

.                                                                                                                A simple language change that allows innocent victims to recover the cost of defending themselves in court will fix this glaring flaw in liability law. 

 It’s known as “Loser Pays” tort reform and would have been enacted years ago if Bill Clinton had not vetoed it when he was President.  Clinton was protecting his lawyer friends, and ignoring everyone else.

[4] End the war on fossil fuels, and become energy independent … free from Middle East oil addiction.
People don’t know why gasoline costs so much.  They’ve been told that big oil companies are to blame.  They need to know that our own government is to blame.  Americans have been deceived.  But we can dramatically reduce the cost of driving our cars, 
heating and cooling our homes,  flying our planes, and defending our country.  

Manufacturing jobs, economic success, and American quality of life are dependent on cheap and abundant energy.  

Government needs to accelerate permits to drill for oil and gas, to expand and upgrade refineries, to build new nuclear power plants, and to build pipelines. We should also allow the export of oil and gas to allies and friendly countries that are currently dependent on energy sources from enemies of the United States [Russia, Iran, Venezuela].  This would jump start an enormous number of new, good paying jobs, give every American more money to spend, lower the cost of every American business, and lower household costs all across the country.
Pollution control must be vigorously enforced, but government has created an economic disaster to correct an environmental theory.  Government is proposing regulations and mandates that will bankrupt the economy. The Environmental Protection Agency must develop reasonable solutions to real environmental threats without adding astronomical costs to American businesses, and significantly increasing energy costs for every American.

[5] Outlaw public employee unions. Put student education first.
 Put critical government activities first.                                                                                  There are reasons to protect workers from bad employers, but the idea of a government employee union is absurd.
Unions are intended to protect workers from oppressive employers.  
Today, Government is oppressive to taxpayers, and employers,
 but overwhelmingly supportive of unionized employees.
Federal agencies like OSHA, the EEOC, the NLRB, the PBGC, the Department of Justice, and others provide comprehensive protections for workers so that there is no reason for a union.

While we’re on the subject of unions…
 All workers deserve the freedom of choice.  
Government should guarantee a right to work in every state for all employees that elect not to join a union.

[6] End Government involvement in so many activities that it has no business in, 

and…Invest in critical projects that government should be doing.
People need to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States to learn why Americans formed a government to serve this country.  Many government functions are critically necessary, but lack funding and focus to do the job that’s desperately needed.  We need to restore funding and priorities for military readiness, 
for rebuilding roads and bridges, 
for rebuilding and protecting the energy grid, 
for police protection to ensure safe streets [especially in inner cities], 
and protection from computer viruses and cyber attacks.  Government has expanded so much into non-vital areas that it is doing a horrible job in almost everything it does. Administration of VA Hospitals and treatment of our wounded warriors is a national disgrace.                                                                                                            Many laws have nothing to do with the purpose of government and these need to be eliminated, or refined to allow funding for basic government responsibilities.

[7] Require that all new laws be subject to a freedom impact study… and a cost benefit analysis…and pilot testing.  Refine old laws that were drafted without proper review.                                                                                            Too many laws are drafted by bureaucrats that have limited knowledge of the subjects that are impacted by these laws.  The results of poorly crafted laws are unintended consequences that add cost and complexity.  Every new law and regulation needs to be reviewed.  

These reviews should be similar to the depth and breadth of detail, as required by the FDA for a new drug, or the EPA for an environmental impact analysis.

Too many laws have been enacted that don’t solve the problem they were supposed to solve. 
Many laws like the Ethanol program, Cash for Clunkers, the Davis-Bacon Act, the Community Reinvestment Act, Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Obamacare have created costs and problems that far exceed their benefits. We need to step back and reexamine the goals of every program, assess whether we are achieving these goals, and do cost-benefit comparisons of the laws and regulations enacted to meet these goals.
All existing laws that were implemented without the time to study and test their impact must be reopened for amendment and refining.
Review all regulations implemented by all agencies to see if the agency’s regulations comply with the law’s intent.

[8] Reform Immigration Policy to ensure security, to retain highly skilled foreign workers, identify illegals in residence, and convert a serious problem into a win-win solution.
This is a national problem that won’t go away and will require a comprehensive approach to fix.  It is impractical to think that we can successfully deport every illegal alien from this country.  Our government allowed this problem to happen, and both political parties are to blame.   It might be helpful to remember that our original pilgrims were illegal aliens, and I’m sure that the American Indians would have loved to deport every one of them too.  That being said, this is a problem that can be fixed, and it can be good for the country:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           First, secure the border, this is a national security requirement.
Second, identify illegal aliens in residence, and
 offer temporary residence [green cards].
Deport, or jail the criminals, gang members, and malcontents.
Dramatically increase permanent visas for highly skilled, and educated foreigners.
Offer permanent visas to green card holders that have jobs and are paying taxes.
Allow a path to citizenship at the back of the line for permanent visa holders.
 who speak English, have a job, are paying taxes, and… are not on welfare.  America needs many more workers that pay both income taxes and taxes that support Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

[9] Fight the War on Terror without regard for political correctness.
People are unaware that America may already be involved in World War III, and need to wake up!  Radical Islam has declared Jihad against infidels in all countries, especially against the US.  We and our allies need to identify and fight the real enemy…the radical teachers and preachers of hate that speak in Mosques, Schools, jails, and the Internet, encouraging Holy War, Death to Infidels, and Shiria Law.
They are the ones who create the Osama Bin Ladens by the thousands.

We need a robust military, a strong intelligence capability, and a will to fight to win.  This war will take decades, will involve collateral damage, will require enhanced interrogation techniques, and sometimes brutal responses to brutal behavior.  The enemy is like no other we have fought.  They believe that GOD has instructed them to do what they do and that eternal happiness awaits those that die in the process.

[10] A Plan for Real Health Care Reform is needed to make quality health care affordable, and accessible.  Dramatic Health Care Reform was needed before Obamacare was shoved down our throats. For decades, politicians have enacted additional government insured health benefits in the Medicare and Medicaid programs without a realistic plan to pay for them. Health Care costs have risen out of control year after year as a result.  Politicians, driven by a self-serving desire to be reelected,  have routinely chosen to shift increased health care costs to doctors and hospitals rather than patients.  After all, there are far more voters that need health care than voters that provide health care. This has resulted in a Socialist quagmire: increased costs; lack of health insurance coverage; lack of access to health care; disillusioned doctors, and many other problems.

A well devised law can reduce costs of health care.  Several steps can reduce costs immediately: [1] eliminate all government mandates [2] enact liability law reform, [3] end the medical device tax, and all special taxes related to health care [4] end the threat of physician reimbursement cuts, [5] raise the age eligibility for Medicare, [6] end mandatory taxes for lack of insurance coverage [7] allow insurance companies to tailor plans according to individual need, [8] Provide block grants to allow states the freedom to design medicaid coverage plans, and control eligibility for their plans [9] provide catastrophic reinsurance backup for preexisting conditions [10] allow individuals, and health care providers more freedom to determine health care solutions rather than by government dictate.

[11] Introduce the concept of efficiency and quality improvement to all government agencies.                                                                                           Big government is too big to manage effectively. Divide gigantic entities into smaller, more flexible, more efficient operations.                                                                Revise Civil Service law to regularly reward good performance and terminate poor performers.                                                                                                        Provide huge incentives to government employee teams that eliminate waste and improve productivity.

[12] Ensure That All Americans Receive A Quality Education.   A comprehensive, effective, and continuous campaign is needed to educate the public on reading, writing and arithmetic, but also economics, civics, history, geography, human relations, and information technology.

Education is the building block of freedom.  We do not need “common core”, but we do need high standards and a way to achieve those standards.  States can design education curriculums without government dictates.  Without a quality education, Americans are not truly free.  Government’s second highest priority should be education, second only to government’s duty to protect it’s citizens from foreign and domestic enemies. A highly educated population is essential to all businesses., and is the bedrock of the American Dream.  The public is grossly uninformed about the free enterprise system and it’s positive impact on jobs and economic prosperity.  A highly educated population would know that freedom is the key to prosperity.

Freedom is the key to prosperity,
 and the key to good jobs.                                                                                     People need to know that government can provide the greatest opportunity to it’s people by guaranteeing freedom.  The education focus above must include the purpose of government, and an assessment of how well government policies are meeting the goals of government,
If people understand… they will unite.
We have to unite as a country.
If we unite, there is no problem we can’t solve.
The 2016 Presidential election is a chance to restore freedom.
We need jobs, economic growth, debt reduction, and a chance for everyone to achieve the American Dream.
Freedom was the focus when America was founded, 
and is the sole reason why America became the most prosperous, successful country in the world.
We need to renew that focus.

A new Contract With America will 

stimulate investment from all over the world, 
create economic prosperity, 
create good-paying jobs, 
reduce the debt, 
educate the poor, 
make American business competitive, 
provide protection from foreign and domestic aggressors, 
and restore the American Dream.

Compare these pro-growth, job creating, debt reducing, and protection of freedom programs with the Democratic programs of the last seven years:

The Democratic economic focus has been on expanding Socialism…
Expanding unemployment benefits; 
Expanding and redefining eligibility for food stamps;
Expanding and redefining repayment terms for student loans;
 Raising taxes on the rich;
 Raising taxes on the middle class; Mandating extra costs to business and state governments;
 Expanding the eligibility for overtime pay; Increasing the minimum wage; Increasing energy costs to all Americans; Ignoring Immigration laws; Ignoring our veterans; and mismanaging the entire health care industry.

The Democratic political focus has been to corrupt, and politicize
 the Justice Department; the EPA; the NLRB; the EEOC; and the IRS.
Dividing the country by falsely claiming a war on women; scaring seniors; fomenting racial hatred;
and buying votes with deceptive promises to fix “income inequality;”
opposing voter ID requirements; 
and emasculating military readiness and capability.

The Democratic misplaced priority focus has shifted from real problems to imaginary ones.  Believe it, or not …Two federal agencies, the Federal Communications Commission, and the U.S.Patent Office, are now trying to force the Washington Redskins to change its name because it is supposedly “offensive” to native Americans. Worst of all, the Obama Administration has declared that Global Warming is the greatest threat facing America.

What do all of these democratic efforts have in common?
– They destroy freedom, and the American dream.
– They do nothing to improve the economy…they depress the economy.
– They do nothing to create well paying jobs…
 they create low paying… part time jobs.
 – They do nothing to improve the quality of health care…they increase costs…and discourage physicians from the practice of medicine.
– They do not reduce the national debt…they add to it…significantly.
– They do not provide any incentive for businesses to grow, expand, and invest.
– They have increased the energy cost of every single individual and business.
– They do nothing to educate inner-city children and give them a chance to succeed.
– They put our nation at risk from foreign enemies.
– They create a bloated, inefficient, incompetent, and complacent government.

Todays headlines are all about foreign policy. 
Disaster after disaster…
A President who doesn’t know what he is doing, 
doesn’t listen to his generals…his Secretary of State…his Secretary of Defense…
the CIA…the Congress.
This President doesn’t listen to anybody… domestic policy is a bigger failure than foreign policy because he didn’t listen…didn’t understand…didn’t care.  Or…maybe the President is not incompetent at all…maybe what he’s doing is deliberate.  After all, once elected, he stated that he was out to “fundamentally change America.”  Maybe he has deliberately alienated our allies, made bad deals with our enemies, emasculated our military, failed to support our police, demonized business, ignored the Constitution, paid lip service to fighting the war on terror, politicized every federal agency, and poisoned relations with congress.  He has promoted government micromanagement of health care, energy, education, banking, and transportation.  He has neglected inner city issues, and has inflamed racial tensions.  After he leaves the Presidency, his ultimate goal appears to be to become a community organizer on a national scale.  Using his fame, he plans to unite African Americans, Latinos, students, Socialists, and disaffected groups who consider themselves victims of the free enterprise system.  He can do this even though he has deliberately done nothing to solve the root causes of problems that affect these groups.